July 30, 2021
Skin Care Tips for summer

Skin Care Tips for summer

Skin Care Tips for summer

Summer is the season when you have to take special care of your skin. Summers are the time when you will need to take more care of your skin. Exposed part of your skin is under major risk of getting damaged. During summer the most affected parts of the body are face, neck and hands.

Skin which looked radiant throughout winter, suddenly looks dull, blemished and oily during summer due to sun’s long- and short-wave ultraviolet rays penetrate the deepest layers of skin, damaging the collagen the spongy protein that gives skin it’s structure, firmness, and elasticity. The sun’s rays are particularly strong, so the chances of developing wrinkles, age spots or even worse, skin cancer.

Keeping skin healthy during those hot summer months can sometimes be a difficult task. Here are some summer tips for skin care.

1. Regardless of skin condition, summer skin care requires use of a good moisturizer with sunscreen. Moisturisation is the most important part of daily skin care. Your skin needs more water than anything else and moisturisers are more needed in summer when you lose most of your body salts by sweating.

2. Lips are a big part of summer skin care. And even lips can be the site of skin cancer, especially cracked, peeling, and flakey lips that don’t improve with the help of lip balm. Be sure to use a lip protector with a protection factor of SPF 15 or higher and reapply the product regularly. Stay away from shiny lip glosses or petroleum jelly.

3. For those who have dry skin, be sure to drink plenty of water and eat plenty of leafy vegetables and fruit to help moisturize your skin in summer.

4. For Oily skin, humidity and heat may aggravate it. Make a simple astringent by adding a few tablespoons of cider vinegar or lemon juice into a half a sink of cool water. It’s alcohol free and splashing it on after washing helps to close pores and restore the skin’s balance.

5. You no need to cover up head to toe during summer, but do consider a long-sleeved shirt, wide-brimmed hat, and sunglasses at the beach, at least for part of the day. Remember, tightly woven, darker fabrics are better sun blockers than lightweight, light-hued fabrics, or try clothing especially made for sun protection.

6. You must not use facial or body scrubs with coarse granules. These scrubs cause tiny pores in the skin and ultimately lead to uneven pigmentation when you are out in the sun; in spite use moisturizers and cleansers which contains alpha-hydroxyl acids. This is good for tender exfoliation and at the same time improves tone and texture of the skin.

7. If you are out during the summer day, carry a small bottle of rose skin tonic in your handbag, so that you can use it whenever the skin feels sweaty and greasy. Wet tissues are also available for the purpose, although a rose or lavender based tonic can be very beneficial for the skin.

8. Cleansing of the skin at night, before bedtime is even more important. The dirt and pollutants, which have been deposited on the skin during the day, must be removed. This not only helps to reduce surface oil, but also protects the skin from pimples, spots and other eruptions.

9. Dabbing powder on your skin helps you by reducing the oily look of your shiny face during summer. Sweating is the biggest problem in summers and hence if you sweat too much then you should apply lots of powder on your body and underarms before going out of the house.

10. In summer drinking of plenty of water and maintaining an easy diet by replacing spicy and oil food with lots of fruits and salads will refresh you.

11. The most common problem during the summer season is suntan. Too much of exposure to the sun causes the skin to burn and darkens the skin. To avoid excessive tanning during summers, apply a lot of sunscreen lotion before stepping out into the sun. This creates a protection layer over the body, preventing the harmful ultraviolet rays from damaging the skin.

12. Bathe at least twice a day. But never bathe as soon after you enter the house after being out in the hot sun. Use a mild soap for bathing to avoid drying out your skin.