April 21, 2021

Starting a career in Java programming

Starting a career in Java programming


Java is an object-oriented computer language which is used to write a variety and complicated software programming language and computer applications. Java is turning into one of the most demandable careers in IT, as the need for Java professionals in the industry is increasing day by day. The professionals of Java should have an ability to learn newer technologies at a faster pace, good communication skill and should be capable to work in managing and coordinating a team.

Java is a general purpose and concurrent language. It is designed in such a way that it has the least possible implementation dependencies. It is a class-based and object oriented language. Java itself was designed to be easy to use and simple, making it straightforward to write, compile, debug and learn than any other programming languages. The Java runtime automatically assigns memory usage, and recovers memory when objects are no longer referred to or in use. This makes Java a much easier language to use than something like C or C++ which requires the programmer to manage memory allocation within the program itself.

Java is the most happening career option in IT as java professionals are premium class professionals. Java is the fastest growing programming environment in the world. The demand of the java professionals has increased tremendously and is further expected to grow exponentially. The driving force behind this demand is java’s cross platform for network computing from server to cell phones smart cards. So carrier opportunities in java exist in the areas of mobile computing, wireless Applications, Web-Development and Application development.

Java programming language is used in business as well as entertainment purposes. Businesses rely on Java because of its ability to provide real time interaction while Java is also used for entertainment purposes such as games and even interactive website. Java is even used in developing games and other applications for mobile phones. Java programmers are tapped to develop Java-based applications and websites.

These developers are proficient in other programming languages however; they chose to be experts in this particular programming language. Their knowledge in other programming languages is often used to complement the Java applications. Not every application in business is built on Java so developers should also have knowledge of other programming applications.

Java programmers are generally expected to build Java-based applications. But because of the popularity of Java, developers are also expected to understand the Java applications developed before they were hired. This knowledge is required so that they could easily fix the application if an error is encounter. Although they may not be the developer of the application, they should have the ability to troubleshoot the businesses present application. Java programmers should also have the ability to improve the present Java application so that it could provide ease to users.

Most companies today require Java developers to have a familiarity with different database applications. Expertise in Oracle and Microsoft database applications maybe required for most Java Developers.

Most of the Java-based applications today are data intensive so familiarity with certain database applications is a must. Java developers, like most IT positions today, are required to have excellent oral and written communication skills. They should have the ability to effectively convey information orally and in written form. There are also companies who may require certain physical capabilities. Some businesses may require Java Programmers to have the ability to lift objects to as much as 25lbs. They are usually expected to work with other IT personnel in dealing with the hardware requirements of the business. But a very important skill for Java programmers is the ability to adapt to changes. Application developers should be aware of the latest trends in application development. They should research and learn without being told the latest trends not only in Java but in other programming languages and use this knowledge in developing better Java based applications. Java Programmers Expected Salary for Beginners is Rs.10000/-, Mid Level Rs.20,000/- and for Experts above Rs.40,000/-.

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