April 21, 2021
Summer Special Drinks For Kids drinks

Summer Special Drinks For Kids

Summer Special Drinks For Kids

In the hot summer, it is important to keep your kids well hydrated and cool. As the summer is the play time for kids they will be playing outdoor or indoor games. So fluid intake is essential for your kids.
Here are the some of the summer drinks that keeps your kid cool, refreshing and well hydrated.

Lemonade is refreshing and a summer cool drinks which keeps your kid cool and well hydrated during summer days. Add some mint leaves to it for a refreshing taste and good digestion.

Lassi is an excellent drink, which keeps the body cool, treats dehydration and prevent sunstroke. It is the best drink for your kid during summer.

Tender Coconut Water
Tender coconut water contains dietary fibre, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. This is a wonderful energy drink for summer. It makes your child feel energized during the harsh summer months.

Sugarcane Juice
Sugarcane juice is the summer special drink which contain iron, magnesium, calcium and electrolytes. It is great drink for dehydration.

Aam ka Panna
Aam ka panna is the special drink during summer which help to beat the heat. Aam panna quenches thirst and prevents execcessive loss iron and soduim choloride due to excessive sweating.

Watermelon lemonade
Watermelon lemonade is a tasty juice with watermelon sweetness and lime flavour. This is a kids favorite drink that keeps your kid cool during summer.

So, try to give these summer special drinks to your kid to keep your kid cool this summer.
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