April 21, 2021
Sunstroke Symptoms Precautions & Remedies Sunstroke Symptoms Precautions & Remedies

Sunstroke Symptoms Precautions & Remedies

Sunstroke Symptoms Precautions & Remedies

The Symptoms of Sunstroke or Heat Stroke

1. Body temperature becomes very high
2. Skin turns into dry and purple or red.
3.Skin that feels hot & dry, but not sweaty
4. Trouble in breathing or shortness of breath.
5. Pulse rate becomes high
6. Throbbing headache
7. Confusion or unconsciousness.
8. Frequent vomiting s

Precautions against sunstrokes , during very hot climate
1. Avoid spending time in heat.Try to be indoors.
2. Wear light color, loose & lightweight clothes.
3. Don’t go out without a hat or an umbrella.
4. Drink 3 litres of water daily.
5. Drink coconut water, buttermilk, lemon juice, etc.
6. Eat fruits & vegetables which have high water content.
7. Avoid spicy, fatty and fried foods.
8. Avoid alcohol as it causes dehydration.
9. Take two or three showers daily. It will reduce body-heat.
10. Keep the windows open to permit fresh air circulation inside the house.
11. Use sunglasses and sunscreen creams and lotions when you go out.

Home Remedies to Cure Sunstroke :

Nature has unfolded many things in its lap. It is the ‘Best Cure’ for every disease or problem. Likewise, for sunstroke, it has many solutions or curing tools. They are-:

Coconut Water
Coconut water is a refreshing drink, it rehydrates the body & naturally balances the electrolytes in the body. It is a perfect cure for sunstroke.

Buttermilk helps to replenish the body with essential vitamins & minerals lost due to sweating. Drink 2 -3 glasses to avoid sunstroke.

Raw Mangoes
Aam Panna is a refreshing drink & a health tonic for Sunstroke. It is made with Raw mangoes. Drink 2-3 times a day.

Fennel Seeds
Fennel seeds keeps body cool & cures sunstroke. Soak a handful of fennel sedds in water overnight, strain & drink in the morning.

Apply Onion juice behind the ears & on chest or apply onion paste on the forehead. Keep a white onion in your pouch when you are out..

Soak some tamarind in boiling water, strain it, add little sugar and consume. This cools the body temperature & treats sunstroke.

Dried Methi or Fenugreek leaves
Soak dried fenugreek leaves in water for sometime. Crush the leaves, add a little honey & filter. Consume this in every 2 hours to cure sunstroke.

Sandalwood Paste
Sandal wood has cooling properties. Apply Sandalwood paste on forehead & chest or massage sandalwood oil on the forehead.