July 29, 2021
The best time to Visit Canada

The best time to Visit Canada


The best time to Visit Canada :

Making longer vacations to visit Canada would be better since Canada is made up of 10 Provinces and 3 Territories and is bigger than many countries. There are four distinct seasons in Canada -spring, summer, autumn and winter and if desire to visit Canada would be perfect in all the seasons since each season have their charm.

The perfect time to take a trip to Canada is during Spring, Summer and Autumn, encompassing the months of April to October. Spring Season that falls in the months of April to May is a wonderful time to visit to enjoy the blossoming of tulips and daffodils across the country.  The Autumn season that falls in the months of September to October in Canada is very comfortable to have visit to enjoy sightseeing and outdoor activities.

Canada is very well known for hosting several events and happenings that possess religious, political and cultural significance. In the month of February, Canada observes the Black History Month to celebrate the achievements and contributions of the African-Canadians. On 15th  February Canada celebrates the National Flag of Canada Day followed by the Commonwealth Day and the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination in March. And in the month of July Canada Day is celebrated in which Canadians are encouraged to celebrate their country.

There are several other cultural festivals are also celebrated in Canada such as the Arts of Winter Festival, the Banff Summer Arts Festival, the Cobblestone Festival and  Festival Gigue en fete. It also serves host to several food and wine festivals like the Elmira Maple Syrup Festival, Flavours of Canada and Niagara New Vintage Festival.

Still the best time to visit Canada with family would be to arrive in summer when temperatures are pleasant where lots of entertainment is seen outdoors. During these months, city tours, sightseeing, outdoor activities, hiking trails and the famous Rocky Mountain tours, are all open and packed with visitors.

Summer is also Festival time in Canada. In southern Canada it generally refers to the period between Victoria Day (late May) and Labour Day (early September). In the northern regions, however, summer starts as late as mid-June and ends, often abruptly, with the first snowfall in early to mid-September.

The winters in Canada are long, cold and dark when most outlying attractions are closed, even the ski resorts and cities are pretty much attractive to visit such as  Quebec City, Toronto and Winnipeg are that  host big winter carnivals. Winter months occur during the November to March. Lots of flight and airfare packages come up in winter to cities like Toronto, which has great shopping malls, museums, galleries, theatres and an underground path system where visitors can stay toasty warm.

Even the best time to visit Canada is during autumn the fall months. September and October bring autumn foliage and great opportunities for photographers. Fall is an excellent time to visit Canada because the weather has cooled down but is still comfortable. During this season you can enjoy fall celebrations such as pumpkin, apple and wine festivals are in full swing and give visitors a chance to visit slightly out of the way farms and orchards.