June 12, 2021
Things To Avoid During Pregnancy

Things To Avoid During Pregnancy

Things To Avoid During Pregnancy

  • Precautions and things to avoid during pregnancy

1. Alcohol

During pregnancy avoid Alcohol, it may cause FAS – Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

2. Cigarette

Avoid Cigarette during pregnancy, as it may cause SIDS – Sudden Infants Death Syndrome .

3. Caffeine

Caffeine may cause nervousness, irregular heartbeats, sleeping problems, irritability and anxiety.

4. Fish

Avoid some kind of fish like shark, swordfish, king mackerel or tile fish in pregnancy.

5.Artificial food colors

Avoid Artificial food colors and Ajinomoto which are used in Indian sweets and curries during pregnancy.

6. Medications

Avoid medication without doctor’s advice. Because some medications may be harmful to your baby.

7. Hot baths

Avoid hot baths which increases the body temperature and cause the overheating which may effect the baby development.

8. Raw Food

Avoid eating raw food like raw fish, meats, poultry may cause infections or parasitic disease.

9. Papaya & Pineapple

Avoid Papaya and Pineapple during pregnancy as these fruits may cause miscarriage.

10. X-rays

Avoid X-rays and microwaves during pregnancy as the rays may harm your baby.