July 30, 2021
Tips to bring Traffic to your Website

Tips to bring Traffic to your Website

Tips to bring Traffic to your Website

It is very difficult to bring traffic to your website by making your site show up in the first page of the results coming out of a search engine result. You are not the only one who is trying to attract visitors for your site. People think that having a good website is all you need to get tons of visitors. No. Getting traffic to your website site takes hard work and diligence and is not accomplished overnight. Think about it this way how are people supposed to know where to find your site if you don’t tell them? You must advertise. Here are some of the most important tips to bring traffic to your website.

Web page optimization or search engine optimization, popularly known as SEO, is one way of making the search engines realize that your site is the best matched site for the used keyword or phrase in the search engine.

  1. If you also want to get organic traffic that comes mainly from search engines and specially Google, the you must have a sound knowledge on getting back links to your website. This task takes time but once done properly, can boost your search engine rankings and your page rank. You can gain back links by leaving your website link to many places on the inter net. Blog commenting, forum marketing and Yahoo answers are some other ways to get high PR back links.
  2. RSS feeds help your visitors to associate with your site’s content continuously through other channels. Interesting contents will bring your members more often to your site and also increases your traffic ranking system.
  3. Submit your site to as many search engines as you can like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Alexa, AltaVista, AOL, Ask, MSN etc.
  4. Make sure you don’t have broken links on your site! There is nothing more annoying when one clicks a link and it does not work. There are hundreds of places you can go on the internet that will check your link validity. Use them.
  5. Submit your site to as many privately run Link Directories/Search Engines as you can find. These will not generally boost your traffic in any major way but will help to maintain steady stream of qualified visitors.
  6. Use social networking sites like Twitter, facebook, YouTube, Plaxo, Linkedin and others to get the word out.
  7. Submit your articles to various related sites is another great way to reach a wider audience.
  8. Comments on other Blogs leave a link back to your site and also gives you the opportunity to shed some insight on other posts, thus making you valuable and informative.
  9. Submit to site directories. Some directories list hundreds of sites, some list thousands. The back links are great, but the traffic from the directories will be less than a trickle, most likely nothing. However, submit with your site’s name using your keywords, and then you could be ranked more highly on Google for those keywords, which means more traffic.
  10. Submit your posts to blog carnivals. Go to the Blog Carnival website and submit as many of your articles to as many carnivals related to your niche as you can. When the carnival edition you submitted to is posted, not only will you have linkbacks, but you’ll have more visits to your blog.
  11. Make an account on Youtube, and then on your profile you can list your website address. List your site or blog’s link there. Then start making videos and when people view your profile, some of them might click to your website.
  12. Encourage others to Digg your articles. Digg is a site that lets people vote on articles, on whether people like them or not. Your blogger friends will most likely Digg your work for you if you politely ask, or even better, add a Digg button at the bottom of all your posts.
  13. Classifieds is the other way to increase your traffic. You can sell or buy directly through classifieds.
  14. It is a good idea to invite other people to contribute content to your site. This has two benefits. You will get more content. And also these people can help you promote your site. You can ask their help in getting traffic.

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