July 30, 2021
Tips To Manage Summer Thirst in Infants Summer Thirst in Infants

Tips To Manage Summer Thirst in Infants

Tips To Manage Summer Thirst in Infants

Like adults babies or infants also feel thirst, but they cant express it. Babies need to drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration. We have to check whether they are getting enough fluids to their body.

Actually for the first six months of age the babies, water is not recommended, as breast feeding or formula foods are enough. But during the summer hot whether giving fluids is must and should to avoid dehydration in your babies.

  • Boil the water, cool it and pour it into a feeding bottle and give your baby.
  • Add some sugar and salt to the water and feed your baby in the hot time or in afternoon time.
  • Soak the dry dates in some water, remove dates and feed that water to your baby
  • You can occasionally give coconut water and lemon juice to your baby.
  • If your infant is 3 months or more than that then you can give fruits juices
  • The infants above 5 month can eat fruits, give them some smooth kind of fruits in summer compared to other seasons.

Take care of your infants or babies during these hot summer days.