July 30, 2021
Top 7 Interview Tips

Top 7 Interview Tips

Top 7 Interview Tips

Intelligent preparation will lower your job interview anxiety, and will help you feel in control of the situation. This will, in turn, make your job interviews much more successful and productive. Even if you have experience interviewing for a job, there are some tips that may be able to help you secure a job.

The top seven interview tips:

1. The first step toward success when it comes to a job interview is to research the company you’re interviewing with. This can give you information on what questions to ask when the interview comes to that point as well as giving you some insight on questions the company may ask of you.

2. Know the industry, visit their website and make a thorough analysis of their products or services. Find any information you can on their objectives, mission and vision statements, strategic growth plan, their general policies and special projects. Look up the career history and professional background of the executives in the company. Get a sense of the corporate culture from any business directories that may be available and from contacts you have.

3. Ask your family member or friend, conducting a practice interview for a specific company or position you want can help tremendously. For one, it can give you a small idea of what to expect and help you prepare mentally for what you’re going to face during the interview.

4. Bring 4-5 copies of your resume to the job interview. Hand one to the interviewer as a courtesy just as you sit down. They also come in handy in case there are additional supervisors or executives who sit in during your interview.

5. Speaking clearly may not necessarily loudly, it can go a long way in making a job interview more successful. Mumbling not only increases the chance you’re not understood correctly, it can make you seem like not such a good fit, even if the job doesn’t require much verbal communication.

6. Build Chemistry – find commonality with your interviewer. Be a person others want to be around with positive Attitude. You should strive to maintain eye contact during the job interview. This will let the other person know that you are listening and that you can connect with another person.

7. While you should answer any questions it should be truthful and to the best of your ability, if a question isn’t asked, there’s really no need to answer it or provide the information on your own. Sticking to answering the questions that are asked of you is a good way to show you can listen, which is sometimes more important than the ability to communicate.