July 29, 2021
Top Fruits To Avoid During Pregnancy Pregnancy

Top Fruits To Avoid During Pregnancy

Top Fruits To Avoid During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an important period that requires an intense sense of lifestyle management in everyones life. Eating right is very important for a healthy pregnancy and to avoid miscarriage. You have to avoid some of your most loved fruits during pregnancy.

Papaya is rich in iron and vitamins, but it should be avoided during pregnancy. Especially the unripe and semi ripe papaya has to be avoided as these varieties are rich in latex which tends to trigger uterine contractions, leading to early labour.

Black Grapes
Black Grapes are well known as a multifunctional nutritious fruit, but it has to be avoided during pregnancy. Grapes has heat content which may affect the mother and the baby. Even Raisins intake should be limited.

Pineapple has to be avoided during pregnancy.Pineapple contains high contents of Bromelain that causes the softening of the cervix and induce an early labour in pregnant women. And it aslo cause diarrhea, resulting in dehydration.

Jamun Fruit
Avoid Jamun Fruit during pregnany. There is a talk that eating Jamun during pregnancy can stain your unborn baby’s small skin with small dark patches. So its better to avoid eating Jamun fruit and better to switch to other fruits.

Jack fruit
Jack fruit has to avoided during pregnancy. Jack fruit causes fits in children and the other 2 causes pigmentation on baby’s skin. So its better to avoid jack fruit when you are expecting.

Longan is a delicious fruit but it should be avoided during pregnancy. Eating a excess of longans will make body hot and make normal development of fetus disordered, which may lead to bleeding & bellyache and leads to miscarriage.

Peach is rich in many nutrients and also has hot feature. Eating excessive peach in pregnancy will have the risk of bleeding. The hair of peach can cause effect throat, so peach is to be avoided during pregnancy.

Litchi is a sweet fruit which also makes you become more beautiful. But litchi has high contents of sugar. So litchi is to avoid in pregnancy because it causes diabetes and overweight. And it also has hot feature.

Plum is rich in carotene & lots of essential nutrients for the body effect in detoxifying. But Plum has to be avoided in pregnancy as it has hot feature, which make the body hot & can easily break out in the rash and have spots.

Guava are hot & cool depends on variety. One kind of guava has a lot of water, less sweet, sour & cool but cause constipation. Other kind are sweet but makes body hot. Choose cool ones but eliminate the peel when eating. Its better to avoid guava during pregnancy.

Custard-apple is a very sweet fruit.But the sweet taste and rounded figure of the it makes the body hot. Therefore, pregnant women need to pay attention not to eat a lot of custard-apple.

Star apple
Star apple should be avoided during pregnancy as it is a kind of fruit that has hot feature. When eating star apple, its peel should be avoided because eating peel will cause constipation because it has a lot ofacrid substances.

In pregnancy the excessive heat causing fruits like mango, chickoo are also has to be limited.