July 27, 2021

Use of Mainframes in Web Applications

Use of Mainframes in Web Applications

Mainframes Online trainingSoftware vendors with experience in the Web services market are working to provide links to the mainframe, either in their products or through tie-ins with vendors that have mainframe experience; There is a lot of interest in Web service-enabling mainframe applications, particularly in Service-Oriented Architecture implementing Web service access to back-end applications on mainframes is not a simple task, the key is to first select the applications that can benefit from being given front-end Web services access and to then pick the most that are most effective.

They are effective for their large-scale computation power which is usually required for banking, insurance and web applications where millions of data to be processed every day. Most large-scale IT legacy systems in use today reside within mainframe. This facilitates efficient integration with WAS (Web Application Servers).

Just as everyone has used a mainframe computer at one point or another, new mainframe hardware and software products are ideal for Web transactions they are designed to allow huge numbers of users and applications to rapidly and perform large-scale transaction processing.

Mainframe giants like IBM, Hitachi, Honeywell are regularly upgrading their mainframe models so that users can access and manage data more efficiently. They are being used constantly in many day-to-day transactions such as in the Automated-Teller-Machine (ATM), automatic bill payment or flight booking, online banking etc. With all its extensive uses in large-scale computing and web applications mainframes are irreplaceable even today in the age of desktops, laptops and smart phones.

Mainframe is the industrial term popularly used to represent a very large computer. The name comes from its structure comprising of processors, memory chips, communication units etc which are all stacked inside a frame and therefore it is called the Mainframe.

The mainframe system has several processors which can work in tandem and thus give rise to the concept of centralized computing where all the operations of the mainframe work inside the processor section and the output is displayed by another utility program running in background, which is opposite of the distributed computing concept.

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