April 22, 2021
Uterine Cancer Causes Risk Factors uterine cancer

Uterine Cancer Causes Risk Factors

Uterine Cancer Causes Risk Factors

Uterine cancer is abnormal growth of cells that comprise uterine tissue. The building up of cancer cells will form a mass or malignant tumor. The Non-cancer cells which form a mass are termed benign tumors.

Sometimes, women with uterine cancer do not have any of these causes, the cause may be a different medical condition that is not cancer.

The exact causes of uterine cancers are not known. The Women suffering with uterine cancer may experience the following symptoms or signs.

The causes of uterine cancer may be obesity, endometrial overgrowth or hyperplasia, childless women, menstrual periods beginning before 12 years, menopause after 55 years, estrogen therapy, taking tamoxifen, radiation to the pelvis, family history of uterine cancer and Lynch syndrome which is most commonly seen as a form of inherited colorectal cancer.

The most common symptoms include

Unusual and prolonged vaginal bleeding, spotting, or discharge between the periods.

The abnormal vaginal bleeding, ranging from a watery and blood-streaked flow to a flow that contains more blood.

Vaginal bleeding during or after menopause. The premenopausal women, have menorrhagia, which is an abnormally heavy or prolonged bleeding and abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB).

Facing Difficulty and pain when urinating

Abnormal Pap test results

Pain during sexual intercourse

Pain in the pelvic area

Unexpected Weight loss

Feeling Weak and pain in the lower abdomen, back, or legs. This is due the the spread of cancer to other organs.

These are the signs and symptoms of uterine cancer. If you see any of these symptoms consult your doctor immediately.