July 30, 2021
Visa Interview Tips

Visa Interview Tips

Visa Interview Tips

Guidelines for preparing visa interview:

1. Read your interview call letter carefully at least three to four times to ensure that you haven’t missed on anything. This is the very important to ensure that you report the correct venue on the right day and time.

2. Don’t go too late for the interview. You don’t have to miss your interview just because you got stuck in the traffic. At the same time don’t be too early. It is advisable to be there 25-30 minutes before your scheduled interview time. Try not to reschedule your interview unless absolutely necessary. The visa interview is usually very short, but you may wait several hours before the interview.

3. Greet the visa interview officer with a smile and ‘Good Morning’ as soon as you enter the interview room. You should have a confident posture and look straight into the officer’s eyes throughout the visa interview.

4. Your appearance should convey who you are. If you are a student you should look like one. If you are and executive then you should look like an executive. Your body language should convey friendliness but also that you are serious about your goal.

5. Do not try to impress the VISA interview officers by extra smiles or talking continuously etc. Try to be precise and clear to the VISA officer’s questions. Clearly state the purpose.

6. Gather all of the documents you need for your interview. Fill out all the required forms. Verify that all information on the forms is correct, including dates, names and spellings. Bring a copy of your appointment letter.

7. Always reply with correct answers. All the data while applying for the visa and details of the answers given in your interview are computerized and maintained. If your visa is rejected once, you cannot be changing your details, the next time you go for an interview.

8. Honest and clear responses are the one that would help you secure VISA. If you lie or make up things, there are high chances, that you would be denied VISA.

9. Express yourself openly and honestly in the visa interview. Do not try to conceal your income. If you are applying for immigration to attend school, be prepared to answer questions about the school and why you want to attend, as well as what you plan to do once you finish your degree.

10. While interviewing, there might be a few awkward pauses. This is because the Visa officer is interviewing you as well as going through your file. Keeping your nerves in control is important here