July 23, 2021

Weblogic Server and its uses

Weblogic Server and its uses


BEA System’s WebLogic is a server software application that runs on a middle tier, between back-end databases and related applications and browser-based thin clients. WebLogic is a leading e-commerce online transaction processing (OLTP) platform, developed to connect users in a distributed computing environment and to facilitate the integration of mainframe applications with distributed corporate data and applications.

WebLogic server is based on Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE), the standard platform used to create Java based multi-tier enterprise applications. J2EE platform technologies were developed through the efforts of BEA Systems and other vendors in collaboration with the main developer, Sun Microsystems. Because J2EE applications are standardized modules, WebLogic can automate many system level tasks that would otherwise have demanded programming time. Oracle acquired BEA in 2008, following which it became Oracle WebLogic.

The main features of WebLogic server include connectors that make it possible for any legacy application on any client to interoperate with server applications, Enterprise JavaBean (EJB) components, resource pooling, and connection sharing that make applications very scalable. An administration console with a user interface makes management tasks more efficient and features such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) support for the encryption of data transmissions, as well as authentication and authorization mechanisms, make applications and transactions secure.

It gives you many built-in capabilities, which makes it much easier to integrate your application into existing infrastructure and reduce your “Time2Market”.  For example, JMS (messaging), tools to communicate to Microsoft clients (COM/DCOM), CORBA support, database drivers and connection pooling, JNDI (Naming & Directory), built in security. Clustering (to handle mission critical high-availability applications).  EJB container and transactional support. Support for wireless applications,  solutions for large e-commerce deployments.

The most important thing is Weblogic is a well tested solution, favorite among ISVs, ASPs, and SIs (Independent Software Vendors, Application Service Providers, & System Integrators).

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