July 23, 2021

WebLogic Server System Administration Tools

WebLogic Server System Administration Tools

Weblogic Server Online TrainingWebLogic Server System administration includes a wide range of tasks like creating WebLogic Server domains; deploying applications; migrating domains from development environments to production environments; monitoring and managing the performance of the run-time system; and diagnosing and troubleshooting problems.

The WebLogic Server management system is based on Java EE and other standards, it integrates with systems that are frequently used to manage other software and hardware components.

WebLogic Server system administration tools allow you to install, configure, monitor, and manage one or more WebLogic Server installations. You also use the tools to manage and monitor the applications hosted on WebLogic Server. Many system administration tasks are associated with a WebLogic Server, they are grouped into the following categories:

* Creation of WebLogic domains and their associated WebLogic Servers.

* The management of the WebLogic domains and their associated hosted Web or Enterprise Java (J2EE) applications.

* The management and monitoring of WebLogic Server instances that constitute a WebLogic domain.

* The management of the resources and J2EE services that the domains and deployed applications utilize.

* WebLogic domain security.

There are three very important administration tools for the entire spectrum of administration tasks to perform with respect to the WebLogic Server are:

WebLogic Administration Console,
Weblogic.Admin command-line utility, and
Domain Configuration Wizard.

WebLogic Administration Console:

The Administration Console is the recommended tool for performing all system administration tasks related to the WebLogic Server. This Administration Console provides an intuitive Web browser-based interface to a multitude of system administration tasks related to a WebLogic domain and its associated WebLogic Servers and applications. The Administration Console exists as a JSP-based application that is hosted by an Administration Server assigned to a specific WebLogic domain.

The Administration Console can be used to manage only that active domain. If you need to manage multiple WebLogic Domains, you need to open separate instances of the Administration Console, with each console connecting to a different Administration Server managing a specific WebLogic domain. Through the Administration Console, you have full administrative control of an entire WebLogic domain and the associated WebLogic Servers.

Weblogic.Admin Command-Line Utility

The weblogic.Admin command-line utility provides a suite of useful functions that can be used toward the system administration of a WebLogic Server domain. It is an alternative to using the Administration Console, especially if you prefer to use the command line as opposed to a Web browser interface, or the Web browser is just not available. The weblogic.Admin utility comes with several useful functions for managing the WebLogic Servers in a domain.

However, to achieve the administration capabilities provided by the Administration Console, you need to understand the internal administration infrastructure of the WebLogic Server

Before you select the weblogic.Admin utility as your primary administration tool, the machine from which you use the weblogic.Admin utility must have the WebLogic Server software installed to be able to execute the weblogic.Admin class.

Domain Configuration Wizard is a Java client program for creating and configuring WebLogic Server domains based on predefined domain templates.

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