May 16, 2021
What are the advantages of Title Tags, Meta Tags and Meta Keywords

What are the advantages of Title Tags, Meta Tags and Meta Keywords

What are the advantages of Title Tags, Meta Tags and Meta Keywords

Meta Tags :

The meta tags are a very important part of the HTML code of your web page. They are read by the search engines but are not displayed as a part of your web page design. Usually they include a concise summary of the web page content and you should include your relevant keywords in them. Most meta tags are included within the ‘header’ code of a website. The most important tags are the title, description, keyword s and robot tags. It’s important to note that there’s a big difference between Title tags, Meta description tags and Meta keywords tags. First of all, the Title tag is *not* a Meta tag.

Title Tags :

The meta title is the most important tag on the page. You can see what your competitors are using as their title tag by looking at the blue bar at the top of your browser when you visit their website. You should always work your major phrases into the Title tags on your pages, and make sure that each page of your site uses a unique tag. The title tags should be between 10-60 characters. This is not a law, but a relative guideline a few more symbols is not a problem. You won’t get penalized for having longer title tags, but the search engine will simply ignore the longer part.

Meta Description tag :

The Meta Description tag gives a brief overview of the document. The Meta Description tag is a short, plain language description of the document. The description tag should be less than 200 characters. Search engines that support the Meta Description tag will use the information to publish on their search results page, normally displaying below the Title of your site listing. The meta description tag also has a great importance for the SEO optimization of your page. It is most important for the prospect visitor when looking at the search engine result page – this tag is often displayed there and helps you to distinguish your site from the others in the list.

Meta Keywords tag :

The meta keyword tag has become the least important tag for the search engines and especially Google. However, it is an easy way to reinforce once again your most important keywords. We recommend its usage as we believe that it may help the SEO process, especially if you follow the rules mentioned below. It is recommended to use the Meta Keywords tag with caution. Make sure to only use keywords that are relevant to your site. Search engines are known to penalize or blacklist your site for abuse. The Meta Keywords tag also exposes your keywords to your competitors. Search engines used to look at this tag too, which contained a list of keywords the webmaster wanted to rank for. Unfortunately people started abusing it and nowadays you get no additional boost for using it in your pages.

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