August 3, 2021

What is Cognos Analytic Applications and advantages

What is Cognos Analytic Applications and advantages

Cognos Online training in HyderabadCognos Analytic Applications are pre-built, extensible software solutions to drive and enable better decision-making, improve performance, and reduce bottlenecks. Cognos Analytic Applications extend the value of ERP and other operational systems, transforming operational data into consistent, reliable information optimized for reporting and analysis. Cognos Analytic Applications purpose is to analyze business data in order to react quickly to market and business trends.

IBM Cognos Analytic Applications are packaged business analysis and reporting solutions that provide line-of-business professionals with actionable, cross-functional insight drawn from information locked in ERPs and other data sources.

Cognos Analytic Applications is a powerful business analysis software offers organizations an integrated view of performance across business functions and departments. With easy-to-consume dashboards and interactive reporting, business users at all levels can quickly get the insight they require, driving smarter decisions and outcomes better aligned with business strategy.

And because Cognos Analytic Applications are built on the open, enterprise-class IBM Cognos Platform, they connect seamlessly with your existing data systems to provide a unified view of performance. The result is continuous, relevant reporting and business analysis with a low total cost of ownership.

Cognos Analytic Applications advantages:

Built-in Business Value:

The Cognos Analytic Applications combine Cognos market leading BI tools with best business practices resulting in a unique value for customers. The built-in business knowledge is based on years of analytic applications expertise and leverage Cognos’ more than 15 years of business intelligence experience with one of the industry’s largest customer bases among independent BI vendors. Cognos breadth and depth of BI ensures you have the right lens into information for the right role.

Extensible for Competitive Advantage:

Cognos Analytics applications provides the tools used to build the applications to ease customizations or extensions to any piece of the applications — whether it is adding additional SAP and non-SAP data, the open data warehouse model, new areas for analysis, customer-specific metrics, new/changed reports and analyses, or new BI pieces for new lenses into the content. The result accelerates return and reduces project risk.

Production-Ready Architecture:

Cognos Analytic Applications are used to built Oracle and SAP on top of a single enterprise data model. This allows the solution to rapidly integrate into enterprise environments with a minimum of IT effort, ensuring they can start anywhere with confidence incremental applications will combine seamlessly into a whole. IT also benefits from easy customizations to reflect their unique ERP customizations, built-in best BI practices and best data warehousing practices, including the automation of incremental data updates and slowly changing dimensions.

Accelerated Time to Result:

Cognos Analytics Applications drives result in time at every step of modeling the problem, preparing the data, analyze and deliver insights. The result is pre-packaged components for IT and business people ensuring a fast time to analytics with data integrity, quality, reliability and accuracy.

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