July 30, 2021

What is Cognos and its uses

What is Cognos and its uses

Cognos is the leading supplier of business intelligence solutions that optimize the efficiency of the world’s most successful and largest organizations. Business intelligence is a category of technologies and applications for assembling, analyzing, storing, reporting on, and giving access to data to facilitate enterprise users take superior business decisions. It’s the prime developer of business intelligence software. They are biggest dealer of tools of business intelligence globally, and the company name is acknowledged as a leader in the field of BI reporting. This BI tool constantly adds direct context to business-driving details, supporting decisions and building enterprises further agile. It contributes to more than 17,000 clients in 120 countries worldwide.

IBM Cognos 10 provides a unified decision workspace that lets users view, assemble and personalize data quickly, according to their own needs and without help from IT. With IBM Cognos 10, you can:

  • Combine data from any source and explore it from any perspective for a complete understanding of outcomes, opportunities, threats and trends.
  • Expand your expertise beyond traditional business intelligence capabilities without needing to switch tools or learn new applications.
  • Analyze facts and anticipate outcomes simply by shifting perspectives and time horizons.
  • Enable business users to increase their personal productivity and independence from IT.

No a days leading companies and organizations around the world are choosing Cognos software to drive better business outcomes. They use Cognos Business Intelligence software to gain a complete perspective of their business and to understand performance and Cognos Financial Performance Management to set targets and allocate the resources to achieve them.

Cognos Business Intelligence is based on an open, enterprise class platform. It delivers complete, consistent and timely information for all user communities on an easily scalable infrastructure. Satisfy all your business intelligence needs such as reports, dashboards, scorecards, analysis and planning with a platform that reduces the complexity of your BI environment, increases your return on investment and ultimately lowers your total cost.

The Cognos platform ensures your Business Intelligence and performance management systems have access to all relevant data sources throughout your organization. The Cognos platform can access the complete mix of data sources present in most organizations today, whether they are data warehouses, technology platforms applications, OLAP cubes, legacy data sources or modern data sources. It provides broad reach, open access to all data sources and an easy modeling environment for building access to all needed information.