April 19, 2021

What is Cognos Framework Manager and its Role

What is Cognos Framework Manager and its Role

Cognos Online training in HyderabadCognos Framework Manager is a metadata modeling tool. A model is a business presentation of the information in one or more data sources. When you add security and multilingual capabilities to this business presentation, one model can serve the reporting, ad hoc querying, and analysis needs of many groups of users around the globe.

Cognos manager is a Windows-based client tool that you can use to create simplified business presentations of metadata that are derived from one or more data sources. You can also use it to add dimensional information to relational data sources that allow for OLAP-style queries. This type of model is known as a Dimensionally Modeled Relational (DMR) model.

Framework Manager stores all sorts of information about your data in a Framework model. This process is known as metadata modelling. Using Cognos Framework Manager items from several database tables can be collected into a single item (known as a query subject), given user-friendly and meaningful names and then ‘published’ to Cognos Connection from where users and report developers can use it to produce reports and analyses. A test function allows the modeler to see how the data will look when it is published.

Once information such as joins and calculations is published it can be used again and again, with no risk of getting the joins wrong. Potential reporting errors known as ‘reporting traps’ can be resolved in the Framework model to avoid these errors being made in reports or other data analysis.

Framework manager is used to create the data model and table joins.  Prompts can be setup on the framework side as well as calculations. When calculations and prompts are setup on the framework manager side, they can be reused instead of having to recreate them several times on the report side.  Framework manager allows you to publish a package that can be used globally.

Cognos framework manager responsibilities:

1. Cognos framework manager work with small work tasks associated with analysis, design and implementation of reports and frameworks.

2. Cognos manager review existing Cognos reports and understand their structure, business rules and underlying data model.

3. Review source systems for creating new or extending existing frameworks using Cognos Framework Manager.

4. Review target report specifications, enhance the target report specifications and implement the reports.

5. Write documentation for testing and deployment.

6. Support testing and deployment to the production system. Testing and deployment will be performed by another group.

7. Cognos framework manager provide daily and weekly status to the Project Manager.

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