June 12, 2021

What is Cognos ReportNet

What is Cognos ReportNet and how it will helps in Business

ReportNet is a BI reporting tool developed by Cognos for Web based reporting. It is flexible to use on all Databases. It provides diverse capabilities such as report publishing and HTML, PDF, ELS, CSV formatted reports. It also produces broad range of business reports that help everyone in your organization understand their operations better and make effective business decisions.

Its production reporting delivers perfect and high quality reports to massive numbers of users. Its business reporting provides extraordinary flexibility for beginner to advanced users to create complex reports with drag and drop simplicity.

Many organizations currently use multiple solutions to meet their reporting requirements. These solutions, which are most often deployed departmentally, must all be supported parallel. As they strive to decrease their costs and the difficulty of their reporting environment, IT managers have been looking for a single, Web based reporting solution that can address all of their reporting needs. They require a flexible solution that leverages existing IT infrastructure, is truly scalable, and has the ability to grow. Cognos ReportNet is that solution, covering all your reporting needs with one product. It dramatically brings down the total cost of ownership of enterprise reporting.

Bringing all reporting requirements together under one solution is a breakthrough in reporting software. Never before has reporting been this complete. Cognos ReportNet takes this advantage even further. The software comes, out-of-the-box, with built-in capabilities that make simple departmental reporting easy, and complex global reporting simpler. Locale sensitivity and advanced multilingual capabilities make it easy to deploy reports in any language. Now global enterprises can bring divisions, departments, and country organizations together so they are all working from the same information.

Complementing these revolutionary capabilities, Cognos ReportNet was built to be easy to use for everyone from the first-time user to the advanced report author. With this Web-based software, you can broadly extend the power to create, distribute, and modify reports for everyone across your organization.

When installing cognos reportnet, the following client components will be installed.

  • Framework manager
  • Cognos connection
  • Query studio
  • Report studio

Cognos ReportNet is breakthrough reporting from the acknowledged industry leader in reporting and analysis. It delivers these key values:

  • Unrivaled enterprise reporting coverage
  • Streamlined creation, deployment and modification of reports
  • Unparalleled openness, flexibility, and scalability.

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