May 16, 2021
What is IBM AIX

What is IBM AIX

What is IBM AIX


AIX means Advanced Interactive eXecutive. The AIX operating system is designed to deliver outstanding scalability, reliability, and manageability. Best of all, the AIX operating system comes from IBM which is the world’s leading technology company.

IBM has broad experience in providing solutions to businesses of every size, in every industry, in every corner of the world. IBM has an excellent reputation for service and support. Whether you’re looking for planning services, integration and installation, tuning, migration, or everyday support, IBM provides service and support to help keep your business running.

AIX is an open, standards based operating system that conforms to The Open Group’s Single UNIX Specification Version 3. It provides fully integrated support for 32 and 64 bit applications. The AIX operating system provides binary compatible support for the entire IBM UNIX product line including IBM Power Systems, System p™, System i™, pSeries, iSeries™ servers as well as the BladeCenter blade servers.

AIX also supports qualified systems offered by hardware vendors participating in the AIX Multiple Vendor Program. So, as you move to newer versions of the AIX operating system, its excellent history of binary compatibility provides confidence that your critical applications will continue to run.

The latest version of AIX, Version 7, provides the capability to run AIX 5.2 inside of a Workload Partition or AIX 5.3 inside of a Workload Partition in addition to standard AIX 7-based workload partitions. Workload partitions are software-based virtualization available in AIX 7 or AIX 6. This virtualization capability is in addition to the advanced hypervisor-based virtualization provided by the IBM Power Systems platform with PowerVM.

Information is not just an important element of your organization’s success; it’s an essential business asset that must be kept secure. The AIX operating system provides security you can count on from one end of your enterprise systems to the other with features that are flexible and easy to manage.

AIX security benefits

The AIX OS is designed to provide the following security features including:

  • Enhanced system security

Protect against unauthorized access with a variety of authentication mechanisms you can install, configure and deploy in the base operating system.

  • Enhanced network security

Secure your intranets and extend your network over the internet by using built-in network security features.

  • Effective system management

Securely administer your network infrastructure, servers, clients and pervasive devices with tools such as the AIX Security Expert.

  • A repertoire of useful applications and tools

Access secure programming interfaces and open-source software tools to establish operating procedures for addressing security requirements and exposures.

  • Tight access control

Specify who receives access to protected information resources.

  • Robust encryption capabilities

Enhance data-transmission protection and secure sensitive cryptographic keys.

AIX affinity with Linux includes Linux application source compatibility, compliance with emerging Linux standards, and a GNU Linux build-time environment with GNU and other open source tools and utilities that combine to facilitate the development and deployment of Linux applications on the AIX OS.

This AIX affinity with Linux allows Linux programs to be easily recompiled for native execution on the AIX OS. This approach allows you to benefit from the capabilities of Linux applications combined with the industrial strength foundation and performance advantages afforded to native AIX applications.