July 30, 2021

What is IBM Cognos SDK Validation Tool

What is IBM Cognos SDK Validation Tool

Cognos Online training in HyderabadThe SDK Validate tool was written to address the need for system administrators to easily diagnose all the reports in IBM Cognos 8|CRN Content Store. Without this tool, the validation is a manual process of opening Report Studio for each report and choosing validate from the menu.

The IBM SDK Cognos Validation tool was developed using the IBM Cognos 8 and IBM Cognos Report Net Java SDK to validate reports in the Content Store. Two separate versions are available, one for IBM Cognos 8 and one for IBM Cognos Report Net. Using this tool, you can automate the process of manually validating reports through the Report Studio user interface.

The reasons to run Cognos SDK tool are:

To prepare for an upcoming upgrade
To get a general overview of reports
After an upgrade, to ensure that the upgraded reports are still valid

The Cognos validate tool can also be scheduled to run periodically so you can detect any potential problems with reports.

The Cognos SDK validation tool works as a command line driven and requires the IBM Cognos SDK to be installed.

Authentication for the tool is required if Anonymous access is set to “false” in Cognos Configuration. A user with System Administrator privileges is recommended to have execute permission for all reports, and traverse permission for all ancestors of the reports are required.

Once a user is authenticated, the validation tool first prompts to create a file called “Reports.txt” to contains a list of all reports in the Content Store. If “yes” is selected, the tool at this point calls the SDK query method and generates a list of ALL reports in the Content Store.

But before continuing with the validation process, this file can be edited to remove unwanted report search paths.

The Cognos SDK validation tool reads the required reports.txt file from the current directory. The validation tool extracts, line by line, each report search path.

A report search path is an X Path like string that defines where a report is located in the Content Store. This can be obtained from the properties of a report in IBM Cognos Connection.

By using the SDK, a validation on each report in the file can take place and the resulting output is displayed in the console, as well as written to log files.

Once the validation tool is complete, two log files remain in the current directory.

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