What is IBM WebSphere Process Server

IBM WebSphere Process Server


Service Oriented Architecture provides you with the ability to develop and modify integration applications dynamically. It also lets you integrate existing applications with newer applications, so that they work together transparently. IBM WebSphere Process Server is a comprehensive Service Oriented Architecture integration platform, which is based on WebSphere Application Server.

You can use WebSphere Process Server to develop and execute standards-based, component based business integration applications in a Service Oriented Architecture. Because it is based on J2EE infrastructure and platform services provided by WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere Process Server includes capabilities such as business process automation.

You can use WebSphere Integration Developer to develop applications that run on WebSphere Process Server. WebSphere Integration Developer, based on the Eclipse 3.0 platform, delivers role-based development for integration projects. You can use WebSphere Integration Developer and WebSphere Business Modeler V6 together with IBM Rational Application Developer V6 or IBM Rational Software Architect V6 as an integration development platform. J2EE developers, business analysts, or integration developers can use the tooling perspective based on their unique roles, so that each developer can focus on the editors and tools needed for these roles thereby maximizing productivity.

WebSphere Integration Developer is the development environment for building integrated business applications targeted for WebSphere Process Server. WebSphere Process Server is the next generation business process integration server that provides an application framework for building and running applications based upon service oriented architecture (SOA). SOA support in WebSphere Process Server is based on a new programming model referred to as Service Component Architecture (SCA). One of the primary purposes of WebSphere Integration Developer is to provide the appropriate tools to easily build and test SCA based applications targeted for WebSphere Process Server. Both SCA and the tools support for SCA are aimed at helping developers decouple business logic from implementation details.

Advantages of WebSphere Process Server

Transaction, security, clustering and workload management : WebSphere Process Server solutions influence WebSphere Application Server capabilities, thus providing you with a scalable and dependable business integration environment you can use for transaction, security, clustering and workload management.

Full ACID transaction support: WebSphere Process Server offers full ACID transaction support for business processes, both for short running and long running processes.

Recovery Manager as well as a Recovery Console : WebSphere Process Server includes a Recovery Manager as well as a Recovery Console. In case of a failure in the middle of executing a business integration application, the server will detect this failure and allow, you, the administrator to manage the failed applications from the Recovery Console.

Encapsulation of Business Functions: The unique architecture in WebSphere Process Server allows the encapsulation of business functions into separate modules that you can then update independently of each other.

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