July 29, 2021
What is Informatica Software Architecture

What is Informatica Software Architecture

What is Informatica Software Architecture

Informatica is an easy to use tool. It has got a simple visual interface like forms in visual basic. Informatica is known as an ETL tool, or Extract Transform and Load used to extract a database, transform and then load it to the destination database or data warehouse. ). Informatica software architecture can effectively join data from two distinct data sources. Informatica can move huge volumes of data in a very effective way, many a times better than even modified programs written for specific data movement only.

Informatica Software Architecture:

Informatica ETL product, known as Informatica Power Center consists of 3 main components.

1. Informatica Power Center Client Tools:

These are the development tools installed at developer end. These tools enable a developer to:

Define transformation process, known as mapping. (Designer)

Define run-time properties for a mapping, known as sessions (Workflow Manager)

Monitor execution of sessions (Workflow Monitor)

Manage repository, useful for administrators (Repository Manager)

Report Metadata (Metadata Reporter)

2. Informatica Power Center Repository:

Repository is the heart of Informatica tools. Repository is a kind of data inventory where all the data related to mappings, sources, targets etc is kept. This is the place where all the metadata for your application is stored. All the client tools and Informatica Server fetch data from Repository. Informatica client and server without repository is same as a PC without memory/harddisk, which has got the ability to process data but has no data to process. This can be treated as backend of Informatica.

3. Informatica Power Center Server:

Server is the place, where all the executions take place. Server makes physical connections to sources/targets, fetches data, applies the transformations mentioned in the mapping and loads the data in the target system.

Thus Informatica software architecture has got the ability to effectively integrate varied data sources and converting raw data into useful information.

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