What is iPhone Modem Firmware? Features of iPhone Modem Firmware?

What is iPhone Modem Firmware? Features of iPhone Modem Firmware?

Online Training from IndiaFirmware is a name given to the internal software that runs a device like Apple’s iPhone. On the iPhone, firmware is the set of operations and tools that sit between the hardware that the phone uses and the software that runs on the phone. It enables features, fixes bugs, and attends to the functioning of the phone.

Features of iPhone Modem Firmware:

1. Through iPhone Modem Firmware multimedia messaging service; text messages with photos and videos can be done.

2. Bluetooth connections between iPhones and iPod touches (the OS also unlocks the Bluetooth hardware included, but not currently used, in the second-generation iPod touch) Bluetooth stereo streaming.

3. Tethering, to allow use of iPhone as modem for computers.

4. Background push notifications so apps can deliver content when they’re not being run. Support for peripherals through the dock connector.

5. The ability to rent and purchase movies, TV, and audio books over the air.  Parental controls and ratings for apps, iTunes content, etc. Find my iPhone feature for lost phones via Mobile Me; includes remote deletion of data as an option.

6. Bug fixes related to Safari, camera roll and Mail, Bug fixes for iPod touch related to handling AAC files and other bug and stability fixes.

7. Google Street View, with driving, walking, and public transit directions.

8. Display address of dropped pins and share location via email
Over-the-air downloads of podcasts from the iTunes Store
Turn off text auto-correction.

9. New home screen shortcut brings you to first page of Home screen.

10. Monitors the functioning of the iPhones.

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