June 12, 2021
What is Planking Game

What is Planking Game


What is Planking Game :

Planking has become popular, particularly in Australia where there has been huge press coverage. Planking is the act of relaxing facedown for taking pictures. The fine art of planking, where individuals are captured photographs with stiffened arms and legs which is formally called as “the laying down game” it has motivated individuals to produce amazing and unique pictures that have entertained millions.

Planking is a game that is gaining a lot of popularity where people known as “plankers” lie down on the floor – usually in an uncommon location – and post the picture of planking on network such as Facebook or myspace.

The term planking descends from Australia. The guidelines of planking are simple, as a planking web page on Facebook or myspace web page posts “You got a body, you got a Plank.” People are posting hundreds of pictures on Facebook of their planking activities, and the numbers are increasing. The more innovative is the situation, the more popular it gets.

The planking activity has developed progressively in the past several years. The growth of planking is an example of the “meme” – an idea that goes viral online and becomes a global trend.

In September 2009, A&E staff at the Great Western Hospital in Swindon were suspended for playing the game while on duty. While a man died in Australia after taking part in the internet phenomenon of planking.

From then there is a growing number of voices that oppose such activity for having caused problems. In 2009, a group of doctors and nurses in Sweden, England were suspended for planking on duty.

The Official Planking Facebook page has over 180,000 fans and tons of pictures showcasing the best plankers around the world. the whole concept about planking is to publish it to your Facebook or myspace account so your friends can see it, as planking alone is not planking at all.