August 3, 2021

What is WebSphere Commerce and its features

What is WebSphere Commerce and its features

WebSphere Online TrainingWebSphere Commerce is a software platform framework from IBM. This framework provides the functionality for e-commerce, including sales, marketing, customer support and order processing functionality. These functions are performed using a tailorable and integrated package. WebSphere Commerce is a unified and single platform. This platform offers to perform the functionality between businesses to customer, business to business through channel partners.

WebSphere Commerce provides easy-to-use tools for business users to create and manage precision marketing campaigns, promotions, catalog and merchandising across all sales channels, allowing them to centrally manage a cross-channel strategy.

There are three editions of WebSphere Commerce. Each edition provides an increasing set of functionality in comparison:


WebSphere Commerce Express meets the needs of most small and medium-sized businesses. It provides full consumer direct support and simple business direct support.


WebSphere Commerce Professional meets the needs of most consumer direct businesses. In addition to the features included with WebSphere Commerce Express, WebSphere Commerce Professional includes features such as workspaces.


WebSphere Commerce Enterprise is the appropriate platform for most Business-to-Business businesses. It offers online commerce and collaboration with traditional and new customers, and partners through management of online trading relationships. Enterprise Edition also provides B2B commerce functions, including accounts, contracts, request for quotes, purchase orders, requisition lists, and approvals.

WebSphere Commerce has 3 main components are:

A database
An application server (Java EE)
A web server

Features of WebSphere Commerce:

WebSphere Commerce feature packs include new enhancements. These enhancements add new functionality or features to the base product. To be noted, a feature pack differs from a fix pack, which is a set of correction fixes to the base code. Fix Packs within a certain release are cumulative.

Each feature pack contains multiple features that are installed as one package, and can be then enabled individually. A feature provides a functional extension to the existing base product functionality.

WebSphere Commerce is a scalable, highly reliable and customizable solution which is built on JEE platform. WSC uses the open standards such as XML and Web services.

WebSphere Commerce provides you with several starter stores on which you can base your own business (store or site). Starter stores shorten the time from installing WebSphere Commerce to going live with your site. Each starter store contains a composite store archive that contains all the assets to create a functional store. Because each starter store is packaged with WebSphere Commerce as a store archive, no further installation is necessary.

To create a running store, you must publish one of the composite store archives. By default, WebSphere Commerce Developer is preconfigured with published starter stores.

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