May 16, 2021

What is Websphere Portal and its Uses

What is Websphere Portal and its Uses


WebSphere Portal is a framework including a runtime server, services, tools, and many other features that one can use to integrate our enterprise into a single, customizable interface called a portal. An enterprise portal combines components, applications, processes, and content from a wide variety of sources into a unified presentation, which our users can access from a wide variety of devices.

WebSphere Portal software is a leader in that market, having delivered significant product innovation and being successful in selling to new customers in IT Industry across the world. The WebSphere Portal package is a component of WebSphere software. Like WebSphere, the WebSphere Portal package is developed and marketed by IBM.

WebSphere Portal supports workflows, content management, simplified usability and administration, open standards, security, and scalability. These capabilities provide an exceptional web experience to help you become a social business. IBM WebSphere Portal Version software gives companies a wide range of features designed to make life easier for their users and administrators. WebSphere Portal provides an exceptional user experience, facilitates reuse of Web assets and existing IT assets, and improves ease of deployment.

WebSphere Portal supports the following Web servers:

  • Apache Server
  • IBM HTTP Server (Supported versions, 6.0, 6.0.1, 6.0.2)
  • Microsoft® Internet Information Server
  • IBM Lotus® Domino®
  • Sun Java System Web Server

Advantages of WebSphere Portal :

  • Enhanced Web content management, portal workflow, electronic forms integration and collaboration to help deliver improved operational efficiency and productivity.
  • Powerful new tools and application templates, enabling the quick building of business services and applications that help accelerate application and content deployment, which innovatively deliver on the promise of service oriented architecture (SOA).
  • A responsive and reliable portal platform from a leader in the enterprise portal market.
  • Enhanced tagging and rating within the Page Builder theme, allowing users to easily organize and evaluate content without leaving the page they are viewing.
  • Enhanced Analytics support that helps to optimize portal applications via integration with popular 3rd party solutions.
  • IBM Universal Hub Integration, a unified page presentation service that enables the rendering of components developed with different tools and frameworks, such as portlets, iWidgets, feeds, HTML pages and more.
  • Blog and Wiki capabilities supported via out-of-box content templates, making it easy to add popular social capabilities.
  • Significantly shorter time to market.
  • Reduced development time and cost, reduced cost of administration.
  • Reuse of existing investment, resources and infrastructure.
  • Focus on specific business needs.

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