April 21, 2021

Where does Mainframes are used

Where does Mainframes are used

Mainframes Online trainingToday, mainframe computers play a central role in the daily operations of most of the world’s largest corporations. Mainframes are large computers designed to handle great volumes of complex data and process bulk information at very high speeds. They have the ability to run multiple operating systems, hold hundreds of software applications and support dozens of attached terminals.

The mainframe occupies an important place in today’s e-business environment. Everyone has used a mainframe computer at one point or another. If you ever used an automated teller machine (ATM) to interact with your bank account, you used a mainframe.

The mainframes are often used by IT organizations to host the most important, mission-critical applications. These applications typically include customer order processing, financial transactions, production and inventory control, payroll, as well as many other types of work.

Today Businesses rely on the mainframe to the reasons to

1. Perform large-scale transaction processing (thousands of transactions per second).

2. Support thousands of users and application programs concurrently accessing numerous resources.

Mainframes are used in fields such as in banking, finance, health care, insurance, utilities, government, and a multitude of other public and private enterprises.

Usage in Banks and Financial Institutions:

Banking and financial institutions use mainframe computers to perform thousands of customer transactions per second, support thousands of applications that concurrently access multiple resources, manage and store terabytes of database information and handle large volumes of communication. Banks use mainframes to host large, extensive databases of customer accounts and records, which can be easily accessed by any ATM nationally or worldwide.

Usage in Health Care:

Mainframe computers are used in health care organizations to improve productivity, maximize revenues and streamline information. hospitals store patient information, process orders, clinical research, information on drugs and drug interactions, and critical life-saving information. Mainframe computers provide easy access to medical knowledge, enhance productivity, improve completeness and quality of data and provide links to expert systems and knowledge bases.

Usage in Insurance Companies :

Insurance companies store business data and other records on mainframe computers. The machines process large volumes of numerical data generated by insurance companies. They hold claims, financial and customer information and enable insurance personnel to strengthen relationships with customers. Mainframe computers process millions of policies in insurance companies.

Usage in Educational Institutions:

Many schools and other educational institutions use centralized mainframe computers to store information pertaining to students, school courses and teachers. Localized terminals linked with a centralized mainframe “repository” allow authorized users to access the stored information. Students access software programs and files stored on the mainframe computer simultaneously using individual terminals.

Thus the mainframe computer continues to be the foundation of modern business.

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