April 22, 2021

Winrunner and its Uses

Winrunner and its Uses


HP WinRunner software was an automated functional GUI testing tool that allowed a user to record and play back UI interactions as test scripts. As a functional test suite, it worked with HP Quick Test Professional and supported enterprise quality assurance. It captured, verified and replayed user interactions automatically, in order to identify defects and determine whether business processes worked as designed. The software implemented a proprietary Test Script Language (TSL) that allowed customization and parameterization of user input. HP WinRunner was originally written by Mercury Interactive. Mercury Interactive was subsequently acquired by Hewlett Packard (HP) in 2006.

Important features of WinRunner are :

  • Functional / Regression testing of a variety of application software written in programming languages such as PowerBuilder, Visual Basic, C/C++, and Java can be done.
  • Testing of ERP / CRM software packages can also be carried using WinRunner.
  • Testing in all flavors of Windows operating systems and different browser environments such as Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator can be done.
  • GUI operations can be recorded in the record mode. WinRunner automatically creates a test script. This test can be modified if required and can be executed later on in unattended mode.
  • Checkpoints can be added to compare actual and expected results. The checkpoints can be GUI checkpoints, bitmap checkpoints and web links.
  • Facility for synchronization of test cases is provided.
  • Data Driver Wizard provides the facility to convert a recorded test into a data driven test.
  • Database checkpoints are used to verify data in a database during automated testing.
  • The Virtual Object Wizard of WinRunner is used to teach WinRunner to recognize, record, and replay custom objects.
  • The reporting tools provide the facility to generate automatically the test reports and analyze the defects.
  • We use Win Runner as a load testing tool operating at the GUI layer as it allows us to record and playback user actions from a vast variety of user applications as if a real user had manually executed those actions. We use Win Runner in addition to Load Runner when we want to record user experience response time.

There are two type of recording modes in WinRunner :

  1. Context Sensitive recording records the operations you perform on your application by identifying Graphical User Interface (GUI) objects. Winrunner identifies all the objects in your window you click like menus, windows, lists, buttons and the type of operation you perform such as enable, move, select etc.
  2. Analog recording records keyboard input, mouse clicks, and the precise x- and y-coordinates traveled by the mouse pointer across the screen i.e Winrunner records exact co-ordinates traveled by mouse.

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