June 12, 2021

Wireless Networking and its Advantages

Wireless Networking and its Advantages

Best Networking Online TrainingWith the increase in the use of laptop computers within the enterprise, and increase in worker mobility have fuelled the demand for wireless networks.  Wireless networking is a more modern alternative to wired networking that relies on copper and/or fiber optic cabling between network devices.  Wireless networking is very useful in the public places, libraries, hotels, schools, airports, railway stations where one might find wireless access to the internet.

Wireless is rapidly gaining in popularity for both home and business networking. Wireless technology continues to improve, and the cost of wireless products continues to decrease. To use wireless networking, you need a wireless networking card and to configure the kernel with the appropriate wireless networking support.

A wireless network broadcast signal uses one or more wireless routers or wireless access points. The access points or router are provided with an aerial and an Ethernet port. The Ethernet port in the access point must be connected to the modem which is provided by your internet service provider, if you need internet access. If you have to move the wireless network to another place, you can simply transfer and install it in your new location easily.

Advantages of Wireless Networking:

1.With wireless networking it is easy to add stations without having cables.

2. There is less need for technical support in setting up wireless network due to their simple nature.

3. Since there is no use of cables in wireless networking then, there are no cables to trip over so there are less health and safety issues to consider.

4. Wireless Network share resources like printers. Have shared access to a centralized storage.

5. A wireless network can increase productivity and improve the working environment in your office.

6. The cost of maintaining a wireless network is also less when compared to other network interfaces since no need to spend money on cables and other equipments and you can buy wireless routers at an affordable cost.

7. There is no need for an Ethernet cable to connect computers to each other.

8. Wireless networks can connect easily to the network even from the regions which have poor telecom infrastructure.

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