July 23, 2021
Worst Foods For Diabetic Patients diabetes

Worst Foods For Diabetic Patients

Worst Foods For Diabetic Patients

The diabetic patients have keep an eye on what they eat to stay healthy. Here are some the dangerous foods for diabetics. Avoid these foods to control your blood sugar levels.

The most important thing to do is choose the diabetic friendly foods to avoid blood sugar spikes. All types of carbohydrates need to be watched, and foods high in fat, unhealthy fats are problematic because the diabetic people are at a high risk of heart diseases.

Dried Fruits
Diabetics has to avoid Dried fruits because they are rich in nutrients, carbohydrates & high concentrated sugar. As Dried fruits are dehydrated and take less space the stomach, and it is easy to overeat.

Added Sugar
Diabetics must avoid sugary foods & beverages with added sugar. These foods are rich in carbohydrates. So avoid foods like candies, cookies, soft drinks, energy drinks, sugary coffees, pies, cakes, chocolate bars etc.,.

White Bread
Avoid White bread and pasta which is made of refined flour and has a high glycemic index and can directly lead to elevated blood-sugar levels. They contain high carbs which increase blood sugar and decrease brain function.

French Fries
French fries are high in fat and simple carbohydrates – a tough combination for diabetics. They quickly raisew the blood sugar and keep it high for a long time as the at takes a while to digest.

Fruit Juices
Though Fruit Juices provide some nutrients but fiber will be missed. The unsweetened fruit juices are also less satisfying compared to whole fruits and quickly raise the blood sugar levels.

Flavored Yougurt
The fruit-flavored yogurts have less fruit and more sugar.Flavored yogurts are made of non-fat or low-fat milk and highly loaded with carbohydrates and added sugar. Plain yougurt is a good option instead of flavored yougurt for diabetics.

Diabetics have to avoid honey and agave nectar though they are all natural sugars, they spike blood sugar levels. They contain fructose and carbohydrates more than sugar.

Cereal can be dangerous for diabetic patients. They are packed with carbohydrates and have less fiber or protein. The sugary cereals have more sugar than candy per serving.

White rice
Diabetic patients have to limit or avoid white rice. White rice have the greater risk of type 2 diabetes. Replace the white rice with brown rice, as the starch present in white rice raises the blood sugar levels.

Processed Meats
Though processed meats don’t contain sugar & carbs, they are high in fat, salt & preservatives. Processed meats have an increased risk of type 2 diabetes. Avoid meat that’s high in saturated fats like red meat & breaded, fried or loaded with sodium like processed meats.

Choosing a healthy food and drink is a key to managing diabetes. Control your diabetes by avoiding some of these basic foods. Stay away from these foods rich in starch and carbohydrates to control your blood sugar levels.