July 27, 2021
Steps to Effective Hand Wash handwashing

Steps to Effective Hand Wash

Steps to Effective Hand Wash

Hand washing is an excellent infection and various disease preventive tool. Thorough hand-washing is a very important step to do, as one could be at the greater risk of passing on an infection by shaking hands with someone.

Hand washing is extremely encouraged by the health experts. Hand washing is one of the method of getting rid from the viruses, bacteria and microorganisms that lurks around us.

Some things which we commonly hold everday like our mobile phones and the money are dirtier than the toilet seat. So to prevent infection and diseases, before you place your hand to any opening of the body like the mouth, nose and the eyes, better wash it clean to be entirely secured.

Hand washing in and correct or effective way is very important.The process of Hand washing is easy to learn and requires very little equipment, so you and your family have no excuses for not mastering the technique.

Our hands are One of gateways of the deadly viruses and bacteria infections.
Many doctors and health experts say, always wash your hands. And make hand washing as an everyday habit.

Hand washing is the most important procedure for preventing nosocomial infections. Hand washing is defined as a vigorous, brief rubbing together of all surfaces of lathered hands, followed by rinsing under a stream of water.

Learn the correct process, tips and techniques of handwashing and follow it everyday to prevent infections and diseases and to stay healthy.