May 11, 2021
Activities To Avoid During Pregnancy pregnancy

Activities To Avoid During Pregnancy

Activities To Avoid During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the time for personal care. Before doing anything you have think about you and your baby in your bump.

Some activities and exercises may be harmful for you and your baby. You have to avoid those activities which puts you and your baby at risk. Here are some of the activities to avoid during pregnancy


Avoid Excessive exercise as it increases the heartrate and can lead to reduced oxygen to the fetus which may lead to brain damage. So, exercise moderately.

Weight Lifting

Heavy weight Lifting will strain your back and pelvis, and also may lead to leaking and increases the chances of prolapse or uterus slips into the vagina.


Avoid cycling as it is not good for you during pregnancy. The growing belly might not be able to sit properly on cycle and there are the chances of you getting off-balanced are high.

Hot tubs and Saunas

Spending time in the hot bathtub or sitting in sauna can be dangerous as it can increase the chances of birth defects and also infectious ailments if the water or the tub is not clean.

Certain Yogas

Certain kind of yoga require more stretching and twisting which is not recommended during pregnancy and not good for fetal health. So attend the parental yoga classes.

Amusement Rides

Avoid amusement park rides as the speed, jerks, turns and twists are not at all good for your baby. If you are prone to nausea, avoid anything that goes in a circular or vertical motion in the air.

So, avoid these activities during pregnancy and have a healthy baby.