August 5, 2021
Advantages of Android OS

Advantages of Android OS

Advantages of Android OS

Android is the best Open Source platform for today’s mobile app development. If you consider it from the end user’s perspective then it might not be that much important but without doubt it is the important from the various customization perspectives.

Open source software emphasizes more about providing control over the customization of the various devices’ software available today and this ultimately is accepted by the end users with great pleasure and adds to their business as advantage.

The Android OS is brilliant for the techie world with some of its advantages.

* Google’s Android operating system is an open-source platform that’s currently available on a wide variety of smart phones. All Android smart phones are touch-screen devices.

* The open nature of the Android platform allows handset manufacturers to customize the software for use on their handsets. As a result, the Android software can look and feel very different on different handsets.

* Android phones have made a massive impact on the mobile industry. Several brilliantly designed Android phones are available in the market, and these phones are getting better and cost less each quarter.

* All android devices come with a customizable home screen. It provides information directly through widgets. This implies that you do not need to launch the app before you can have access to some of the information it provides.

* The great in-built advantage of the Android platform gives you a notification bar at the top screen. This bar can be pulled down to gain access to more details.

* Android OS gives its a wide choice of hardware across a wide variety of manufacturers. This means that there is an Android for all types.

* The Android OS is no different as it also urges other coders to develop the technology. The end users benefit a lot with more advanced and better applications which certainly increases the phone’s value.

* Having an Android device makes the experience more pleasant. With the popularity of Google products, you are assured you are getting onto a good team.

* Recent technologies allow production costs to go down significantly, and having free Android OS allows the telephone costs to go down further.

* Google android offers programs for a lot of through the primary Google services that we have reached adore and believe in, such as: Google mail, Youtube.Com, Google Roadmaps, Google Tone of voice (such as Skype) in add-on in order to convert, customer and financial.

* Downloading files is comparatively fast when you consider about the Google’s Android operating system abilities.

* Android OS is developed from scratch with Web services in mind. So if your usage includes lots of web services like mail, messenger, Cloud resources and other web services then it’s one of best OS you can have of developments.

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