August 5, 2021
Advantages of Social Bookmarking Sites

Advantages of Social Bookmarking Sites

Advantages of Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking is when internet users browse, manage, organize, and share bookmarking on some site. In Social bookmarking sites user create accounts and add their bookmarks with tags i.e., keywords and a brief description that help to organize the data and make it easier for friends and others to search.

Advantages of Social Bookmarking Sites

1) Social Bookmarking sites are free

Advantage of Social Bookmarking Site is that it’s free and that should be reason enough to try out bookmarking sites, considering its other advantages. Organization and individuals would have to be crazy to let off these opportunities to expose their recent or long-time business to the internet world for free!

2) Social Bookmarking sites are easy way for Networking

With social bookmarking sites you can make friends, just as you do in social networking sites like facebook, but the difference is its more professional relationship than personal. People on social bookmarking sites are more interested in connecting with people with common interests who share links they are likely to find intriguing. The advantage of this is that once you build up a good Network, you have a, built in audience for every link you share

3) Social bookmarking Sites helps for High Ranking

Suppose a website has been bookmarked many times by the members, it can then be highly ranked by a social bookmarking system. In a social bookmarking a website which has been bookmarked more times can be ranked highly. When people bookmark a website several times in a bookmarking site, it increases its chances of being placed in high ranking positions when searched for. This is more beneficial than what search engines do.

4) Social Bookmarking sites helps to Increase Traffic

Link building and sharing done through bookmarking sites helps bring traffic to your website. As more people see your links, they’re more likely to visit your link. If they really like your Website, they may share it with friends and their friends may also share it with others.  For Organization, Business people or Individuals Social Bookmarking Sites is a big way to get more traffic to their Websites.

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