June 12, 2021

Advantages of Winrunner

Advantages of Winrunner

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Winrunner product is a big automation testing tool that has been around since approximately 1995.  It interfaces with most of the leading development toolkits using the WindowsAPI and toolkit DLLs to interface with the “Application Under Test”. WinRunner offers a recording feature that will watch the individual tester and generate a test script to simulate the same actions just performed.  The script is displayed as a program which can be enhanced with checkpoints, logic and special coding or programming.

WinRunner also has integration with Excel spreadsheets for data driven testing and the ability to write data out in Excel format or in simple text files. Here are some description from the Mercury “Features and Benefits” of WinRunner :

  • Considerably increase power and flexibility of tests without any programming: The Function Generator presents a quick and error-free way to design tests and enhance scripts without any programming knowledge. Testers can simply point at a GUI object, and WinRunner will examine it, determine its class and suggest an appropriate function to be used.
  • Use multiple verification types to ensure sound functionality: WinRunner provides checkpoints for text, GUI, bitmaps, URL links and the database, allowing testers to compare expected and actual outcomes and identify potential problems with numerous GUI objects and their functionality.
  • Verify data integrity in your back-end database: Built-in Database Verification confirms values stored in the database and ensures transaction accuracy and the data integrity of records that have been updated, deleted and added.
  • View, store and verify at a glance every attribute of tested objects: WinRunner’s GUI Spy automatically identifies, records and displays the properties of standard GUI objects, ActiveX controls, as well as Java objects and methods. This ensures that every object in the user interface is recognized by the script and can be tested.
  • Maintain tests and build reusable scripts: The GUI map provides a centralized object repository, allowing testers to verify and modify any tested object. These changes are then automatically propagated to all appropriate scripts, eliminating the need to build new scripts each time the application is modified.
  • Test multiple environments with a single application: WinRunner supports more than 30 environments, including Web, Java, Visual Basic, etc. In addition, it provides targeted solutions for such leading ERP/CRM applications as SAP, Siebel, PeopleSoft and a number of others.
  • Simplify creation of test scripts: WinRunner’s DataDriver Wizard greatly simplifies the process of preparing test data and scripts. This allows for optimal use of QA resources and results in more thorough testing.
  • Automatically identify discrepancies in data: WinRunner examines and compares expected and actual results using multiple verifications for text, GUI, bitmaps, URLs, and databases. This ensures stable functionality and execution of business transactions when the application is released into production.
  • Validate applications across browsers: WinRunner enables the same test to be used to validate applications in Internet Explorer, Netscape, and AOL. This saves testing time and reduces the number of scripts that must be developed and maintained.
  • Automatically recover tested applications from a crash: Unexpected events, errors, and application crashes during a test run can disrupt the testing process and distort results. WinRunner’s Recovery Manager enables unattended recovery and provides a wizard that guides the process of defining a recovery scenario.
  • Leverage investments in other testing products: WinRunner fully integrates with our other testing solutions, including LoadRunner for load testing and TestDirector for global test management. Moreover, organizations can reuse WinRunner test scripts with QuickTest Professional.