June 12, 2021
Android Basics for Developers

Android Basics for Developers

Android Basics for Developers

Android devices can install and run applications developed by anyone. This means that you can create Android apps yourself, releasing them through the Android Market. Android apps cover many types of task such as productivity, social networking and entertainment.

The development tools for Android are free, so anyone can install and use them. If you are considering learning Android development, you can equip yourself with the basics of the platform fairly quickly.

The following are the basics of Android for developers:

Developer Tools:

The Android Developer Tools contain everything you need to code, design, compile, run and export your Android apps. Within the ADT plugin, the Android Virtual Device Manager allows you to create and run virtual software versions of Android devices, allowing you to see how your applications will function on actual devices running the operating system.

User Interfaces:

Android user interfaces comprise different code elements for layouts as well as visual and interactive items. You can create your user interfaces using graphic tools within the ADT plugin, or can code them manually using XML and Java. Android application user interfaces use View and View Group items, with layout options for linear, tabular and relative designs.

The platform provides a selection of interactive elements you can use directly, including lists, buttons, text entry and drop-down combo-box components.


Android development can involve a variety of coding options. The main languages you are likely to use are Java and XML. With XML, you can define the data items and visual designs for your applications as well as other data resources such as menus. With Java, you can implement your application structure and logic.

If you are unfamiliar with programming in the Java language, you may wish to familiarize yourself with basic concepts within it, such as Object Oriented development. Android apps can work in conjunction with other technologies such as SQL for databases


The Android Market is the main avenue for releasing Android applications. You can sign up as a developer with the Market for a fee, adding contact details and uploading your applications. You can offer your applications to Android Market users for free, or can charge a set price. You can set your prices in different currencies, catering to Android customers on a global scale. Your apps will appear in the Market along with user ratings and comments.

The Android Market application is automatically installed on Android devices, including smart phones and tablet PCs, so these users will be able to access your apps.

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