June 12, 2021
Beauty Care tips for summer Beauty Care tips for summer

Beauty Care tips for summer

Beauty Care tips for summer

Summer is the season of pleasure and refreshment. The warm heat of the sun shares gentle comfort on your body and mind. But sometimes, the heat increases and you go through difficulties. Summer season is not so ideal for your look. By maintaining some healthy beauty care regime, you can very easily protect the body from the sun. Beauty tips for summer will offer you healthy skin and beautiful hair.

Beauty in summers needs lots of efforts.

1.On hot days of summer, use a hydrating toner instead of moisturizer. It will keep your skin balanced but won’t feel heavy or greasy.

2. Whenever you apply a cream or liquid product, make sure you set it with powder. Keeping a pressed powder compact in your bag is an excellent way to freshen up your face after being outside.

3. Try a light shimmering eye shadow in beige just under your brow bone to draw attention to your eyes.

4. If you are wear mascara, try a waterproof. This way you will avoid “Raccoon Eyes” when you are perspiring or near water. Don’t forget eye make-up remover, or else you really will end up with the dreaded dark circles.

5. It is not recommended to wear foundation in the summer, if you do decide to wear foundation wear very light and subtle colors or opt for tinted moisturizers they are lighter and more gentle to the skin. if you have light hair and skin tone, your foundation and/or face powder should not be darker. Simply use your foundation as usual, then lightly dust bronzing powder over your face very lightly to help highlight.

6. If your eyebrows have become bleached with the sun, there is an easy way to darken them naturally again to highlight your eyes. Simply dot a brown eyebrow pencil over your over brows, and then take a firm eyebrow brush and brush the colour into your eyebrows. This will give a natural finish to your eyebrows and avoid any harsh lines.

7. Avoid using creme eye shadow for daytime as these have less staying power. Better use it during evening party.

8. If you like to color your hair, go for some highlights in the summer to brighten up your face.

9. Summer is the time where you can be playful and stylish while you wear your hair loose in a wet in wavy style or very loose ponytails for a girlish look.

10. Don’t go anywhere without a small compact of pressed translucent powder in your handbag. It’s ideal for quick touch-ups when makeup starts to slide especially around the T-zone of your nose, forehead and chin.