July 29, 2021
Benefits of PHP Certification

Benefits of PHP Certification

   Benefits of PHP Certification

Benefits of PHP Certification

Learning PHP is simple and is recommended for those looking to manage their own website. It is in great demand now and will continue over the coming years. Achieving a PHP certificate can be something that makes a huge difference for making your career in PHP.

The main benefit of holding a PHP certification is to become recognized as a top notch PHP developer and achieve a stamp of approval that demonstrates your knowledge of this widely used web programming language.

Becoming a certified PHP developer won’t instantly make you a better developer, but you may certainly expand your knowledge of PHP whilst training for the exam. A good PHP certification exam may be able to evaluate how well a job candidate is prepared.

The exam can be taken online and, ideally, should be supervised by a suitable person, that you select, to add credibility to your certificate. The examination itself consists of 70 multiple choice and true or false questions primarily on PHP with a few basic MySQL questions. The time limit for the exam is 70 minutes. To pass and receive your certificate, you need to correctly answer at least 75% of the questions, and if you answer 95% of the questions correctly you receive an ‘excellency degree’, which would be a great achievement.

The results are given immediately upon completion of the exam and, if you’ve passed, you will be sent the PHP developer certificate as a hard copy, along with a unique url image link that displays the certificate logo and points to the online version of your certificate confirming your status. If you involved a supervisor, they will need to sign the hard copy when it arrives.

The Zend Certified Engineer Certification (ZCE) is an internationally-recognized PHP certification established by Zend Technologies. You must pass an exam to be awarded with the certificate which will help you prove that you have the required skillset to build web applications using PHP. When you become a Zend Certified Engineer (ZCE), you enjoy the following benefits:

1.  Differentiate yourself from other developers when looking for a new job.

2.  Negotiate for a better salary package.

3.  Have your profile displayed in Zend’s Yellow Pages for PHP Professionals which is used by employers and recruiters to find top PHP developers worldwide.

4. Join the Linkedin Group Exclusively for ZCE’s

Therefore PHP certification is of great advantage in the field of advance web technology. PHP certification is thus proved to be one of the important factors in building your career in PHP. So to be one of the professional PHP developers PHP certification is must. All the graduate students who have completed their training for PHP can go for this online exam of PHP certification.

Thus PHP certification will provide the developers with the benefit of being a professional developer in web technology.
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