May 6, 2021
Career growth in Linux

Career growth in Linux

Career growth in Linux


Companies are constantly trying to do more with less. That is no different when it comes to managing a technology infrastructure. Automation of tasks has allowed them to constantly expand their networks without necessarily increasing their headcount in equal proportion.

Therefore, even though you find yourself in a growing area of the overall employment sector, your job and the skill set you need to complete it are ever changing. As time has progressed, administrators are being asked to do more programming than in the past. This is at the heart of the automation phenomenon.

To put control in the hands of the system per se, taking it out of the human hands, is the preferred methodology when constructing and maintaining an ever growing infrastructure in today’s day in age. Thus, make sure that you have put yourself in a position to gain the necessary knowledge to perform such a task.

Gone are the days of being the person that is content in doing the mundane daily maintenance of the network. That job no longer exists. Keeping the breadth focus intact, there continues to be signs that the heterogeneous environment is here to stay. By now, everyone is well aware of the growth of the Linux Administration market over the years. And Microsoft market share has continued to climb as well during this time. This has all come at Unix’s expense.

We must deal with reality. The environments that were built primarily with the use of open source software have stayed that way. However, with Linux’s momentum into the large corporate environment, this where we see positions for Linux administrator’s also including any Windows knowledge as a plus. The focus for this individual still primarily lies on the Linux side of things, but it sure does not hurt to at least familiarize yourself with the Windows world a little.

Outside of the technical arena, the growth of the Linux Administration market has presented many opportunities. Gone are the days of being perhaps a little pigeon-holed when determining which companies you might be able to work for. Companies of all different sectors of the economy have recognized the open source phenomenon, and thus choice is a great benefit that you now have.

Whether it is a small manufacturing company that you prefer, or a large biotechnology firm that you have your heart set on, more than likely they have Linux as part of their infrastructure. Therefore, they will ultimately need people with your skill set. A network is a network to a certain degree, but to be able to follow a passion that you have outside of your day-to-day work requirements is a tremendous bonus.

Along the same lines as the flexibility of corporate sector within which you work, you also will enjoy the lack of location necessity. Since companies in many different industries and size are adopting Linux, that means that corporations throughout the country have opportunities that might fit your skills.

Therefore, if you find yourself in a non-technology centric part of the country, you still may find the position you are looking for. In addition, with many companies locating their network across multiple sites, this also encourages less of a need for you to be at the corporate location on a daily basis. There continues to be an increase in the ability of an administrator to work out of a home office, and more and more corporations are allowing for such a work arrangement.

Lastly, as Linux has gained steam, its importance in the network infrastructure has increased. Much like that of the career outlook for the Linux developer, the Linux administrator will reap the benefits of increased layers of management surrounded solely by Linux and open source software.

This allows you to grow at your current place of employment with additional responsibilities without taking on a pure management role. A company may start off with one Linux administrator as they introduce it into the corporate infrastructure.