June 16, 2021
Cognos Framework Manager Interview Question and Answers

Cognos Framework Manager Interview Question and Answers

Cognos Framework Manager Interview Question and Answers

ANS: Framework Manager is a metadata modeling tool. A model is a business presentation of the information in one or more data sources. When you add security and multilingual capabilities to this business presentation, one model can serve the reporting, ad hoc querying, and analysis needs of many groups of users around the globe.


2. What is loop in framework manager?

ANS: Loop is closed path in report net it called as ambiguous relationship. That means a query subject contains multiple paths to retrieve the data. It is an exception to resolve to create a shortcut on that query subject otherwise it displays wrong results in reports and performance is degrades.

An undefined join between two tables is known as loop. To resolve loop delete the joins, if these joins are necessary then we have to create shortcuts nothing but alias tables. Place the joins in alias tables.


3. What are the filters in Framework Manager and Report Studio?

ANS: Filters in framework manager are

1. Standalone filters

2. Embedded filters

Report studio Filters are

1. Detail filters

2. Summary filters

4. How to import two data sources into Framework Manager?

ANS: We can import two data sources to Framework Manager  in the Run Metadata  Wizard.

Go to Run Metadata Wizard–>Select another database ( e.g. suppose SQL Server is choosed in prior attempt, then u can choose Oracle as new datasource).Then import it

5. How to perform single sign on in Cognos by using URL?

ANS: In Cognos configuration under authentication allow anonymous access should be false. In cgi-bin properties (under iis) the enable anonymous access should be false.

6. What is usage property? Where do we set usage property?

ANS: 1.The Usage Property identifies the intended use for the data represented by query item.

It determines the aggregation rules of query items and calculations.
The different usage property settings are

2. To set the usage property:

Click the query item u want to set the usage property for Then click the properties icon on the tool bar or you can see the properties pane on the right side of the browser. Go to “USAGE” tab and click “CLICK TO EDIT” option. And select the appropriate.

7. What is the use of prompts in Framework Manager?

ANS: Use of Prompt in Framework Manager:

Filter on query subject – to restrict the rows that are returned by filtering out the unwanted data by creating one or more embedded filters for query subject.

Prompt in filter with usage set to always – user need to supply a value to filter.

8. Where exactly determinants are used in cognos framework manager?

ANS: A query subject that behaves as a dimension has multiple levels of granularity and will be joined on different sets of keys to fact data.

9. How would you structure your Framework Manager Model?

ANS: A model is normally structured into two layers/views. Database/ Physical view and Business/ Presentation view. These can be implemented using Namespaces.

You import the metadata into Physical layer from DB using data source connection. You will use Import Metadata Wizard. You will change the Query Subjects & Query Items, create relationships (joins) and other activities here.

In the Presentation layer, you create Query Subjects taking input from the existing Physical layer. You change the names of the Query Items and other cosmetic modifications.

You can choose only the Presentation layer while creating the Packages and apply appropriate security settings.

10. How to provide security in frame work manager for a query subject?

ANS: Procedure for providing security for query subject in frame work manager is:

Select querysubject -> in properties pane select ->security filters (click on edit)a specify data security wizard appears->click on add groups -> cognosnamesspace(select users and groups wizard opens)

11. How can we generate the cubes in framework manager?

ANS: You can create the IQD file from framework manager.

This IQD file will be used by Transformer to create the cube.

12. How to generate IQD file from framework manager?

Create a Query Subject, from the properties pane select externalise, there we have 4 options in that select IQD.

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