August 5, 2021

Cognos Interview Questions and Answers

Cognos Interview Questions and Answers

Cognos Online Training1. What is Cognos Connection?

ANS: It is a Web portal for Cognos 8 and a component which interacts with the Content Store. It is a front end to publish, find, manage, organize, and view organization’s business intelligence data.

2. What are the types of prompt in Cognos?

ANS: Value prompt
Text Prompt
Date prompt
Time prompt
Date and time prompt

3. What is Report item?

ANS: Report item is nothing but a query item when it is drag and drop into the work area.

4. How to generate cubes in Cognos?

ANS: Power Play Transformer contain dimension, measure, model and cube. We can generate cube different way. Just right click on cube name and build. We can write script in Unix. using that we can generate cube.

5. How can I create a dynamic column name in Cognos ?

* Add a data item to the query (the query on which the report is based)
* Define an expression which u want to use for the dynamic column label.
* From the report page click on the column label
* From properties pane look for “column label” the default would be “data item label/name” change that to “data item value”
* In the same pane change the “data item” property to have the data item that u created for the column label.

6. What is meant by Junk Dimension?

ANS: A “junk” dimension is a collection of random transactional codes flags and/or text attributes that are unrelated to any particular dimension. The junk dimension is simply a structure that provides a convenient place to store the junk attributes.

7. What is catalog and types of catalogs in Cognos?

ANS: A catalog is a file containing the information (Database tables) that Impromptu users need to create reports.

* Personal
* Distributed
* Shared
* Secured

8. Define data stores in Cognos?

ANS: Data sources, also known as query databases, are relational databases, dimensional cubes, files, or other physical data stores that can be accessed through IBM Cognos8. Application Tier Components use data source connections to access data sources.

9. How to test reports in Cognos?

ANS: In Cognos report net by the validate report option a report can be tested. If there will be any error it will specify the the error unless it will give message -‘report specification is valid’.

10. What is dash board?

ANS: Dashboard is a report which is useful for the managerial users to make business analysis and take decisions. It consist of the report components like list, cross tab, chart reports in a single page

11. How to change database option in cognos10 content store as it has already fixed by db2.I need to change to msSQL server?

ANS: Right-click the “content store” delete it. Right click on the “content manager” create new Give it a name you can give the same name “content Store”. click next it will ask the type of database select

12. How to create users and permissions in Cognos?

ANS: In impromptu menu go to Catalog->User profiles -> user class tab -> click on Creator ->u can give there folder access, table access, filters, Governor etc

13. What is Cognos Visualizer and Cognos Scripting?

ANS: Visualizer is a representation of data cubes in a dashboard format. We can drill through to the ground level of a hierarchy as like in power play report but cannot add or remove fields dynamically.

Cognos script editor: We can write cognos macros or programs in this tool and can fine tune or process some execution

14. What are products of Cognos ?

ANS: The main tools are Cognos 6.6 7.0,7.3(Power Play, Impromptu)–ReportNet1.0,1.1mr1, 1.1mr22—Report Net 8.0(latest)IWR is use by Impromptu to publish reports, PPES is used by PP, Cognos Connection is used by repornet.

15. What was the actual purpose of portfolio in Cognos?

ANS: The Cognos Portfolio is ideal for presenting and packaging Impromptu reports, and for combining them with information from documents produced by other products. As an application developer, you can create briefing books that contain links to Impromptu Reports, Power Play reports, Excel spreadsheets, or any other OLE client application. Use Portfolio to set up briefing books that let users view reports in a presentation style format.

16. What is Cognos Powerhouse and what is it used for?

ANS: Cognos Powerhouse is High-Productivity Application Development Solutions equips you with high-productivity development environments for creating your data-driven business solutions faster, whether for Web-based, client/server, or traditional terminal-based access. Powerhouse has gained a worldwide reputation for productivity, reliability, performance, and flexibility.

17. What is ad hoc reporting? Where it is useful?

ANS: Ad hoc reports are simple reports or one time report. It is the outstanding report of standard report.

* Used on fly report
* Designing and running will take place at the same time called ad hoc reports

18. What are differences between Reporter report and Explorer report?

ANS: An Explorer report is used to explore the contents of the cube, the multidimensional structure. A Reporter report is used to add/modify the contents of the cube.

19. How will you analyze the reason for poor performance of reports in cognos?

ANS: It depends also on Query that has been written to build the package, Analyse your query try to optimise it and see the difference.

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