June 12, 2021

Cognos Reporting Tool

Cognos Reporting Tool

Cognos Online training in HyderabadCognos Report Net is our reporting tool. Report Net uses web services standards such as XML and Simple Object Access Protocol and also supports dynamic HTML and Java. Report Net is compatible with multiple databases including Oracle, SAP, Teradata, Microsoft SQL server, DB2 and Sybase. The product provides interface in over 10 languages, has Web Services architecture to meet the needs of multi-national, diversified enterprises and helps reduce total cost of ownership

Reporting is one of the most important part of performance management process. As well as analysis, it guides to identifying three vital, business intelligence questions and, then, finding the answers to them. The questions are: how is a company doing (whether it’s on or off track), what is the reason, and – what’s the last step – what to do with that? For rationalizing the first stage, that plays an extremely important role – reporting – IBM Cognos solutions contain Query Studio and Report Studio.

With Cognos, you’ll never have to fit your questions to program’s abilities. Cognos lets you turn the report in a way that best fits your question’s requirements. Cognos ad hoc reporting tool finds it useful for other people in organization, sharing the report is almost trouble-free.

Cognos, every user can read documents prepared in every format, therefore data transforming problems (and following it delays) stop existing. Cognos supports delivering information, not the documents themselves. Thereupon, the receiver of the report might read it anywhere he wants – independently if it’s PDA, Excel, et cetera. It results in real concentration on the information included in the report, not on its form.

The complexity was strongly reduced through cognos reporting tool data presented in reports is much more timely. The waiting for the report has been maximally reduced, therefore decision making is more efficient than ever before.

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