June 16, 2021

Cognos Tips to Remember

Cognos Tips to Remember

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1) What is a Data Warehouse?
A Data Warehouse is a collection of data marts representing historical data from different operation data sources (OLTP). The data from these OLTP are structured and optimized for querying and analysis in a Data Warehouse.
2) Define Cognos Report Net?
Cognos Report Net is the web-based, dynamic, business intelligence reporting solution from Cognos.
3) What are the tiers of the ReportNet Architecture?
The ReportNet architecture can be separated into three tiers:

  • Web server
  •  Applications
  •  Data

4) Define Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence is a broad category of application programs and technology used for query, Reporting and analyzing the business multi dimensionally.
5) What is a Data Mart?
A Data Mart is a subset of a data warehouse that can provide data for reporting and analysis.
6) What are the responsibilities of Cognos Administrator?
A Cognos Administrator is assigned with following responsibilities.

  • Installations and configurations in distributed network environment.
  • Creating the Repository (Content Store).
  • Perform back up and recovery of Meta Data.
  • Developing the user Administration.
  • Tuning the servers.
  • Deployment.

7) What are the types of OLAPs?

  • DOLAP:-The OLAP tool which works with desktop databases are called as DOLAP

              Ex:- FoxPro, Clipper, Dbase, Paradox.

  • ROLAP:-The OLAP tool, which works with Relational databases, are called as ROLAP.

              Ex:-Oracle, SQL Server, Tera Data, DB2.

  • MOLAP: – The OLAP  tool, which works with Multidimensional databases, are called as MOLAP.

             Ex:- ESSBASE, Power Cube

  • HOLAP:- The OLAP tool which works with Relational databases and Multidimensional database, are called as MOLAP.

             Ex:- Cognos, Business Objects.

8) What is OLTP?
OLTP stands for Online Transaction Processing. Except data warehouse databases the other databases are OLTPs. These OLTP databases are designed for recording the daily operations and transactions of a business.
9) What are the types of components installed while loading the Cognos Report Net Software?
When we install  the Cognos Report Net Software there are two types of components get installed :-

  • Windows based components.
  • Web based components.

10) Define Windows based components?
A Framework manager is windows based modeling tool used for creating a project (interface).
11) Define Web based Components?
The following are the web based components.

  • Cognos connection
  • Query Studio
  • Report Studio

12) Components of Report Net:

  • Framework  manager.
  • Cognos connection
  • Query Studio
  • Report Studio

20) What are the phases of the Cognos ReportNet Workflow?
Plan, Manage, Model, Author, Consume.