June 12, 2021
Common SEO Mistakes in Web Promotion

Common SEO Mistakes in Web Promotion

Common SEO Mistakes in Web Promotion

Any Search Engine Activity is a double edged weapon. It’s better to keep in mind that one sidestep can easily mislead from your original customer. In this article we are going to discuss the most widespread mistakes that should be avoided when performing SEO campaigns. Website promotion requires certain basics. People often commit common mistakes while promoting their websites. Such SEO mistakes can be avoided or corrected if little care is taken about it.

Most of the common mistakes are listed below :

  1. People often make and define the wrong keywords that are not at all searched. So proper keyword analysis should be done. Wrong keywords take you no where. Your Search Engine Optimization Company becomes successful only on choosing the right keywords.
  2. JavaScript menus and too much Java script can actually make it difficult for search engine crawlers from spidering your website and giving information from your website. This information is very vital since this is used in search engines’ algorithm for ranking a website in their results. Similarly, over use of flash, images and frames can drop any site’s prospects.
  3. Search Engines give more preference to title tag these days rather than other Meta tags. Some people leave this tag empty. In fact title tag is the most important place to have keywords. This affects your search results as page title does not exist when you ignore this title tag.
  4. Internet is a huge community and if you link to somebody else’s website for relevant article and information, it may turn out to be useful and fruitful association in future. This also makes your own site a much better resource in a reader’s viewpoint.
  5. Targeting most competitive keywords means that you are compete for the same audience as other established sites are already doing. It can get very difficult to increase rankings for them and hence every one should have to wait for longer period.
  6. Flash is attractive only to the users but not to the search engine spiders. If you make a flash website to attract the users and strictly want to promote it in search engines then it is better to provide the alternative html version along with it. As search engines can not read the flash content and also not able to index it, so it becomes necessary to create the html version.
  7. A website with unrelated content or information which doesn’t grab a reader’s attention won’t get too many repeat visitors. Bad content in the website can take away the potential customers and provide low grade information to the search engines. So try to keep simple and good understandable content for your website.
  8. Pop ups which spring up every now and then and refuse to go are particularly irritating and can turn visitors away from website.
  9. Back links are always considered as good but people resort to the practices of collecting back links through link farms which could get your site banned. Do not emphasize on quantity of back links rather than the quality links. It’s the quality that counts in the end.
  10. Some people define the URL without any idea. Define the keywords in the URL. This will give you additional preference over your competitors. Keyword in URL is more important in Yahoo and MSN but Google also gives preference to it when the relative weight of keyword is high.

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