July 23, 2021

Components of Wireless Network Architecture

Components of Wireless Network Architecture

Networking online trainingWireless networks utilize components similar to wired networks. The wireless networks convert information signals into a suitable form for transmission through the air medium. Even though wireless networks directly contribute only to a portion of the overall network infrastructure, attention to all network functions is necessary to counter impairments resulting from the wireless medium.

Wireless Network System Components:

Wireless LAN architecture is composed of different components which help in establishing the local area network between different operating systems. These components support communications using radio or light waves propagating through an air medium. Some of these elements overlap with those of wired networks, but special consideration is necessary for all of these components when deploying a wireless network. These components are very essential for WiFi architecture.

The user:

The user in the wireless LAN architecture is more importantly the device used for connectivity. This may include a laptop, a desktop PC or even a video game console. These devices tend to be used for wi-fi access while on the move. The mobility is one of the most important reasons for the success of wireless LAN.

Access Points:

Access points is a special type of routing device that is used to transmit the data between wired and wireless networking device is called as AP. It is often connected with the help of wired devices such as Ethernet. It only transmits or transfers the data between wireless LAN and wired network by using infra structure mode of network. One access point can only support a small group of networks and works more efficiently. It is operated less than hundred feet. It is denoted by AP.


Any kind of device such as personal computers, Note books, or any kind of mobile devices which are inter linked with wireless network area referred as a client of wireless LAN architecture.


A special type of connectors which is used to establish connections between wired network devices such as Ethernet and different wireless networks such as wireless LAN. It is called as bridge. It acts as a point of control in wireless LAN architecture.

Basic Service Set (BSS) and Extended Service Set (ESS) are the two components that play an important role in Wireless LAN architecture.

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