May 6, 2021

Distributing WebLogic Server

Distributing WebLogic Server

Weblogic Server Online TrainingThe plug-and-play environment of WebLogic Server makes it an ideal choice for integration with your product. To distribute WebLogic Server, you must obtain and install a special license called an ISV license. (You do not need an ISV license to develop your application or to configure WebLogic Server.) Installing an ISV license for a WebLogic Server modifies the server and inextricably links files. Your distribution must include these modified WebLogic Server files.

To set up a WebLogic Server that you can distribute, complete the following tasks:

Enroll in the BEA Star Partner Program:

The WebLogic Server package available from BEA normally includes a license that prohibits the buyer from redistributing the software. However, for partners—Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) in the business of redistributing WebLogic Server—BEA provides a mechanism for creating a redistribution license. Although the purpose of all ISV redistribution licenses is the same (to give an ISV’s customers the right to run the WebLogic Server software that has been redistributed by the ISV), each ISV redistribution license is unique, linked specifically to a particular partner.

If you intend to redistribute WebLogic Server, you need to sign a BEA standard Channel License Agreement (CLA), available from your BEA partner account representative.

Install the Partner Development Kit:

After you enroll in the program, BEA ships a CD collection of all major BEA products. When the Partner Development Kit arrives, install the software from the can download BEA software from the BEA Systems Download Center,

Install the ISV License:

After verifying your eligibility for the Star Partner Program, BEA sends an email that includes your customized ISV license in an attached file named isv.jar. This section describes how to install the ISV license file for WebLogic Server version 7.0 only.

The ISV redistribution licenses that you create and distribute enable your customers to use WebLogic Server functionality as follows:

* The specific set of BEA components to which your customers can have access—for example, WebLogic Server—is specified in your license distribution agreement with BEA and is enforced by the ISV redistribution license. This mechanism ensures that run-time support is restricted to the BEA components specified in that agreement.

* If your license distribution agreement is for WebLogic Server only, the ISV redistribution license prevents the run-time use of BEA products that are not included with WebLogic Server, such as WebLogic Portal.

* There is no enforced limit on the number of IP or database connections that can be made by an installation of the WebLogic Server software distributed by the ISV.

* There is no expiration date on the use of the BEA software distributed by the ISV.

* The ISV redistribution license is not tied to any specific IP address. Therefore, the BEA software that you distribute with an ISV redistribution license can be used on any machine.

Distribute Files:

When you are ready to distribute WebLogic Server with your application, you must make sure that your installer includes the BEA license file (BEA_HOME\license.bea) and the WL_HOME\lib\weblogic.jar file.

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