August 5, 2021
Drinking Water While Standing Side Effects Drinking Water in Standing Posture

Drinking Water While Standing Side Effects

Drinking Water While Standing Side Effects

Water is very important for our body. It is essential to drink 2 liters of water to stay healthy and hydrated. Our elders say that we shouldn’t drink water while standing. But generally we neglect it and gulp in water rapidly.

But it is an an excellent advice and we have to follow that. According to ayurveda drinking water in standing position causes many diseases.

There are certain scientific reasons to explain why you should’nt drink water while standing. Drinking water while standing has adverse effects on your body.

Drinking water while standing causes arthritis. If you drink water in standing postion will disrupt the balance of fluids in the body, and this often leads to a greater accumulation of fluids in the joints thus triggering arthritis.

If you drink water while standing you will suffer with indigestion. When you drink water sitting down, it relaxes your muscles and nervous system and it triggers the nerves to quickly digest the fluid and with it other food items.

Water splashes on the stomach wall
According to Health experts drinking water fast and in a standing position, you let it flow to your gut while splashing on the stomach wall. This shock from the splashing of water can cause long term damage to the digestive system as it harms the stomach wall and the gastrointestinal tract.

When you drink water standing you remain thirsty. Your thirst is never fully quenched and you feel like drinking more water very frequently. It is better to drink water by sitting in a place and have smaller sips to truly quench your thirst.

Ulcers and Heartburn
Drinking water in a standing position ends up splashing the lower half of the esophagus very hard. This can disturb the sphincter, which is the joint between the stomach and esophagus, and as a result the esophagus experiences burning sensation because of the acids in the stomach flowing backward.

Acid levels
Drinking water while standing does’nt dilute the acid levels in the body. According to ayurveda drinking water in slow, small swigs while sitting down, helps to properly dilute the acid levels in the body by getting combined with the necessary proportion of water.

Nerves Tension
When you drink water standing, a ‘fight and flight system’ is activated which causes nerve tension in the body. When you drink water while sitting down, a parasympathetic system also referred to as the ‘rest and digest system’ comes into fray, this one helps to calm your senses and ease the process of digestion.

Kidney Damage
When you drink water while standing, your kidneys doesn’t filter water properly. Often impurities remain in the kidneys and bladder which can lead to urinary tract disorder and even permanent damage to the kidneys.

So, avoid drinking water in standing position. Sit down and sip water slowly.