August 5, 2021
Drinks To Avoid During Pregnancy drinks

Drinks To Avoid During Pregnancy

Drinks To Avoid During Pregnancy

During pregnancy the women requires special care. Pregnant Women has to think before they eat or drink anything. Some foods may boost the energy during pregnancy and some may be harmful for your baby.

Here are the drinks to avoid during pregnancy

Alcohol intake leads to poor growth and improper development of brain of fetus. Avoid alcohol to protect your baby from the risk of serious illness.

Green Tea
Avoid or limit green tea during pregnancy. During pregnancy metabolism levels will be high and the green tea increases further. It also leads to less absorption of folic acid, which may cause folic acid deficiency during pregnancy.

Soft Drinks
During pregnancy cut out on fizzy drinks. Soft drinks have caffeine and chemicals called quinine which are not safe in pregnancy. So, go for natural drinks.

Caffeinated Drinks
Intake of excessive caffeine during pregnancy can lead to miscarriages and other health issues in the fetus. It is better to the intake of caffeinated during pregnancy.

Unpasteurized Milk
During pregnancy, consume boiled milk to avoid infections. The unpasteurized milk contain the bacteria, which causes food borne disease which can cross over the placenta and cause neurological problems in the fetus.

Diet Soda
Diet Soda is loaded with caffeine and artificial sweetners which is not safe during pregnancy. The artificial sweetners contain Saccharine ingredient which can cause birth defects or damge fetus.

These try to avoid these drinks during pregnancy and have a healthy pregnancy.